Stephen Kellogg On Mountain Stage

Aug 21, 2013
Originally published on July 2, 2014 10:00 am

Singer-songwriter Stephen Kellogg is one of the nicest guys ever to play Mountain Stage. Mere seconds before his performance began, a heavy writing desk that was anchored to the backstage wall came lose, and Stephen was there to catch it – and hold it, with his guitar in the other hand – until a pair of stagehands relieved him.

Kellogg grew up in the 1980s, attending pop metal shows with his older sister, and years later, formed The Sixers with his UMass-Amherst classmates. Now after nearly 1,300 performances together The Sixers are taking a hiatus, and Kellogg's latest, Blunderstone Rookery, is his first significant solo release in many years.

Kellogg's Mountain Stage performance is solo as well, and includes the epic "Thanksgiving." At over nine minutes long, it's the longest in his unofficial series of holiday songs, and touches on Kellogg's trademark themes of family, loss and redemption.

Set List

  • "Men and Women"
  • "Crosses"
  • "The Brain is a Beautiful Thing"
  • "Thanksgiving"
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