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Previewing the Olympus INVISION Photo Festival on LV Arts Salon

Host Lydia Panas speaks with Stacie Brennan, Senior Director of Visual Arts of ArtsQuest and The Banana Factory Arts Center, about the Olympus INVISION Photo Festival in Bethlehem running from Friday, November 4 through Sunday, November 6. (Original air-date: 10/24/16)
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There was some good news in Twitter's third-quarter earnings report, including revenue of $616 million — up 8 percent from last year — but for it to be profitable, the company says, it'll have to shed several hundred jobs.

The company saw a loss of $103 million for the quarter.

Muslim 'Twoness': Fearful Of Some, Feared By Others

2 hours ago

He leaned against the subway doors in a faded denim jacket, camo cargo pants, combat boots, and, to top it off, a black ski mask. I wondered if he had a gun. I wondered if he was a white supremacist. I wondered if he had seen my friend and me, with our brown skin and black hair. Our Islamic faith and immigrant parents — could he somehow see that, too?

Was it me, or were his eyes darting up and down the crowded subway car? I yanked on my friend's sleeve and raised my mouth to his ear.

"We have to get out of here," I said.

The European Union is desperate to keep Syrian refugees from bolting from Turkey for Europe. But the prospects for Syrians in Turkey have been slim. Now the EU is launching its biggest aid program yet – more than $375 million aimed at a million of the neediest Syrians in Turkey.

And it's not bags of rice thrown from the back of a truck. It's a bit more modern: a debit card that can be used to buy whatever food, medicine or clothing a family needs, or to get cash.

A Mediterranean-bound convoy of Russian warships will not be stopping for fuel at a Spanish port, Russia said Wednesday, after Spain's NATO allies objected to the refueling plan.

NATO members are worried the ships are intended to support increased Russian airstrikes in Syria. The convoy includes Russia's only aircraft carrier.

Some ships in the convoy had been planning to stop for fuel in Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in North Africa directly across from Gibraltar. It's normal practice for Spain to allow Russian warships to stop at its ports, The Associated Press reports.

Gruel, glop, cooked mush. The English language has been less than kind in describing porridge. Which seems a tad ungrateful, really, considering that grains cooked in water or milk fed our earliest civilizations.

But now, this stalwart dish is staging a culinary comeback.

Think steaming, cumin-scented millet topped with coarsely grated Gruyere cheese. Buckwheat cooked in coconut milk, with buttered dates and cinnamon. Teff polenta garlanded with diced dandelion greens and freshly grated parmesan.

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2016 Fall Pledge Drive

Second Harvest Food Bank to provide 11,683 meals thanks to Pledge Drive donors

The donations we received during the Fall Pledge Drive have triggered a financial contribution from our partners, Weis Markets, to Second Harvest. Thank you to everyone who contributed!