Wednesday in the 2:00 PM hour, we kick off WDIY's studio sessions featuring artists appearing at Musikfest with a live performance from Bethlehem indie rockers, VoirVoir.
Wednesday 6:00-7:00pm, Laurie Siebert discusses the financial impact of supporting local businesses. Laurie also takes listener questions live on the air at 610-758-8810.
Thursday in the 2:00pm hour, Bethlehem eclectic rock band (funk/surf rock/punk), The Insidious Rays, join us in the studio for a live stripped-down performance and interview.
Thursday, 6:00-7:00pm, John Pearce welcomes Alvaro Diaz, president of the Fé Foundation, along with two students from the program, Maximo de la Cruz and Karla Quintanilla.
Thursday, 11:00pm, Bill Fox concludes the Special Focus on vidnaObmana & Asmus Tietchens. The Featured CD at Midnight; "The Shifts Recyclings" disc 2 on Soleilmoon Records.


Muhlenberg College President John Williams on LV Discourse

Host Sally Handlon talks with Muhlenberg College President, John Williams about his first year at the college and in the Lehigh Valley as well as the business of higher education. Joining with Dr. Williams is Mike Bruckner, VP for External Affairs and Community Relations, who is celebrating his 20th year at Muhlenberg College. (Original air-date: 7/21/2016)
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Hundreds of Bernie Sanders supporters walked out of the Democratic National Convention in protest Tuesday, after the roll call vote of state delegates was completed with Hillary Clinton officially receiving her party's presidential nomination. The walkout came after the Vermont senator moved to nominate Clinton through acclamation, basically turning his delegates over to her.

It's no secret actress Susan Sarandon is not a fan of Hillary Clinton. The vocal Bernie Sanders supporter said earlier this summer that "in a way she's more dangerous" than Donald Trump, especially when it comes to military intervention.

As the Democratic National Convention opened Monday night, a large contingent of Sanders supporters disrupted the night's program with boos and jeers, especially when Clinton's name was spoken.

Sarandon's disdain was clearly visible on her face during the convention, as seen in this GIF that went viral Monday night:

If the first day of the Democratic National Convention focused on Bernie Sanders, the second day focused solely on Hillary Clinton.

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The Obama administration announced today that it is expanding a program that helps Central American refugees, including minors, to reunite with their families in the United States. The effort is designed to discourage people from leaving their homeland and flooding the southern U.S. border, say administration officials.

The program has three components.

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WDIY at the Christmas City Summer Jazz Festival

WDIY jazz hosts Jim Wardrop, John Dodds, and Rob Reagan with PA Jazz Collective artistic director Alan Gaumer at the inaugural Christmas City Summer Jazz Festival on Saturday, July 16th.