Zoellner Arts Center's 2015-16 Season on LV Arts Salon

Host Bill Dautremont-Smith talks with Zoellner Arts Center co-directors Deborah Zacarakis and Andrew Cassano about Zoellner's upcoming 2015-16 season which includes celebrated guest artist performances as well as Lehigh University Music Dept. and Theatre Dept. performances, Art Gallery exhibitions, and a long weekend block party of events this fall celebrating Lehigh University's 150th anniversary. (Original air-date: 8/17/2015)
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Doctors without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is seeking legal action against the producers of a new Bollywood film that it says portrays a worker for a "confusingly similar" aid organization who assists in tracking down and killing the head of a Pakistani extremist faction.

One week before the school's football season starts, the University of Illinois has fired head coach Tim Beckman, saying a review had found "efforts to deter injury reporting and influence medical decisions that pressured players to avoid or postpone medical treatment and continue playing despite injuries."

Illini Director of Athletics Mike Thomas fired Beckman on Friday. A school statement says the decision was made "in the best interests of student-athletes."

Wearing a green Dartmouth College jersey, the newest player on the school's football team readies for action during a preseason practice. The whistle blows, he makes his move and then is thrown to the ground by a teammate's crushing tackle. This happens again and again and again, but every time, the new player pops right back up, completely unhurt.

This player is an MVP — a "Mobile Virtual Player," that is.

In the 10 years since Hurricane Katrina, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has nearly completed one of the world's most remarkable hurricane protection systems to encircle New Orleans. Locals say their low-lying city finally has the storm defenses it should have had before Katrina, which killed hundreds and caused billions in property losses.

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A Close Look At The Volatility Index

1 hour ago
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The premiere of the live session with Lehigh Valley/Poconos/Philly psych rock band Sing, Bird of Prey featuring a four-song performance and interview. Friday, 11:00-11:30pm.
Michael Tamte-Horan presents - I HEAR AMERICA SINGING: AMERICAN MASTERS. Contemporary American classical music for solo voice, chorus, piano & orchestra. Sunday, 7-9pm.
Dr. Kamran Afshar presents a synopsis of the week's economic trends happening in the Lehigh Valley and across the nation. Mondays at 7:35am; Fridays at 5:44pm.
Host Bill Fox begins a month-long Special Focus on Jonn Serrie. The Featured CD at Midnight will be "Spirit Keepers" on Miramar Records. Thursday, 11 pm.