Monday, 6:00-6:30 pm, Kate and George preview Northampton Community College's new summer theatre production, "NEWSIES!" with director Bill Mutimer and actor Patrick Davis.
Thursday 11p, Bill Fox continues Special Focus on Craig Padilla w/Skip Murphy & Zero Ohms. Featured CD @ Midnight "Analog Destination" (Groove) + new music by Sverre Johansen.

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Sarah Troxell of Galen Glen Winery on The Inside Dish

Michael Drabenstott continues his culinary tour of the Lehigh Valley in May with Sarah Troxell, who with her husband, Galen, owns Galen Glen Winery in Andreas, PA, about 15 miles northwest of Allentown. (Original air-date: 5/7/2018)

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A California startup that sought revolutionize audio headphones, promising personalized devices that would produce sound "indistinguishable from reality," has found that raising interest among investors was easier than delivering the goods.

Ossic raised more than $3.2 million in crowdfunding for its Ossic X, which it touted as the "first 3D audio headphones calibrated to you."

One patient's death changed the course of Dr. Lilia Cervantes' career. The patient, Cervantes says, was a woman from Mexico with kidney failure who repeatedly visited the emergency room for more than three years. In that time, her heart had stopped more than once, and her ribs were fractured from CPR. The woman finally decided to stop treatment because the stress was too much for her and her two young children. Cervantes says she died soon after.

Syria's military announced Monday that it cleared Damascus and its suburbs of the last elements of the Islamic state militant group, ISIS.

According to government reports, the Syrian army had driven ISIS out of the rebel group's last remaining strongholds in southern Damascus; this marks the first time that President Bashar al-Assad's government has total control of the capital since the rebellion began in 2011.

"How good can they be? Spoiler alert: Not Very Good."

That was one hockey writer's analysis of the Vegas Golden Knights back in July, not long after the expansion draft in which the brand-new franchise picked its roster from the dregs of other NHL teams. In other words, roughly 10 months before this Not Very Good ™ team (spoiler alert!) made the Stanley Cup final on Sunday.

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When does a pop song become so influential, so durable that it becomes part of the Great American Songbook?


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