The Special Focus for November, 2012.

Oct 26, 2012

Palancar is the Special Focus for November, 2012.
Credit Bill Fox / WDS Productions

The Special Focus for November will be Palancar, a.k.a. Darrell Burgan from Texas.  Darrell has recorded as part of several collaborations, including Cluster Balm, Copal River, Labrathisattva, Flute of the Fallen Tiger, and Lucette Bourdin.  He has played live quite a bit under the Palancar project, as well as part of the mindSpiral and Different Skies projects.

Darrell is the founder and owner of the Earth Mantra Netlabel, a Creative Commons based ambient label, and Spirit Canyon Audio, a vendor of exotic music soundware.  He founded StillStream, an internet ambient radio station that is now a part of