Host, Laurie A. Siebert, CPA, CFP®, AEP® takes your income tax questions and explains how different kinds of income get taxed differently. Questions to Your Financial Choices may be submitted early through www.yourfinancialchoices.com by clicking Contact Laurie. (Original air-date March 12, 2014).

SpringUP Dance Festival on Lehigh Valley Arts Salon

Mar 11, 2014

The 2nd Annual SpringUP Dance Festival at Northampton Community College is just around the corner!  Dancer/choreographer Sarah Carlson of the Lehigh Valley Dance Exchange joins hosts George Miller & Kate Scuffle to talk more about this inspiring, exciting festival, one that brings the best of our talented regional dance scene together with exceptional guest artists and teachers, creating a truly magical weekend. (Original air-day March 10, 2014).

Lehigh Valley's Quarterly Economic Review

Feb 7, 2014

Our host Dr. Kamran Afshar and guests David Kennedy, Chief Banking Officer, National Penn and Tony Ianelli, President, Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, discuss Lehigh Valley's quarterly economic review. (Original air-date February 6, 2014)

Banking Services - Experience the Difference Locally

Feb 2, 2014

Host, Laurie A. Siebert, CPA, CFP(r), AEP (r) and her guest, Executive VP and COO of Merchants Bank, Tracie Smith discuss Banking Services - Experience the Difference Locally. (Original air-date January 28, 2014).

Economic Pulse with Dr. Kamran Afshar

Jan 31, 2014

This week on WDIY’s Economic Pulse, Dr. Kamran Afshar will discuss findings of his January survey of local businesses. Results from the survey indicate a continued but cautious optimism regarding Lehigh Valley’s local economy for at least the next 6 months. (Original air-date January 31, 2014).

Living Green in the Lehigh Valley

Jan 28, 2014


Produced and presented by Annie Prince and co-host Bruce Wilson, this weekly short-feature presents ways to live a greener, more environmentally friendly life in the Lehigh Valley. Guest Martha Christine joins in and talk about a free workshop coming up February 11, on the selection, planting and care of trees being offered by the Bethlehem Backyards for Wildlife, and cosponsored by the city of Bethlehem and their city forester, and the Mount Airy Neighborhood Association. (Original air-date January 28, 2014).

Modern Irish History & Song on Arts Salon

Jan 28, 2014

Gerry Timlin of popular Irish music duo Timlin & Kane joins hosts Kate Scuffle and George Miller to talk about teaching history through music, song and poetry. Timlin's musical lecture series "Modern Irish History & Song" starts February 5th at the Great Room at Donegal Square, and launches a year of exciting new cultural heritage education programs from the Celtic Cultural Alliance. (Original air-date January 27, 2014).

WDIY's Kamran Afshar asks "What happened to Inflation? "

Jan 17, 2014

Before the Great Recession, inflation was rising at a pretty healthy rate, reaching as high as 5.6%. However, the recession wiped out that inflation alongside with 8.7 million payroll jobs, a booming housing market, more than 500 commercial banks,as well as a large number of other businesses. What Happened to inflation? Does the Federal Reserve have the tools to keep inflation at bay? At what cost? (Original air-date January 17, 2014).

Host Alan Jennings speaks with PA Rep. Ryan Mackenzie and Mike Schlossberg about finishing their rookie years as legislators. These two talented, smart, hard-working twenty-somethings are rare among partisans these days: they get along, they work together, and they want to get something accomplished.  The conversation includes such topics as a reflection on their first year in office, their assessment of Pennsylvania politics and their peers in the legislature, some prognostication on the session ahead, including the 2014 elections, and much more. (Original air-date January 9, 2014).

WDIY Announces New Executive Director

Sep 5, 2013

The Board of Directors of WDIY, Lehigh Valley Community Public Radio, is pleased to announce that Wagner Previato has been named Executive Director. Mr. Previato, who will begin work August 19, will advance strategic direction for the organization, and oversee programming, marketing, fundraising, and technology. Previato is an experienced executive who has provided leadership in both for-profit and non-profit organizations throughout his career.