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Economic Pulse: Week of 7/28/17

Aug 1, 2017

Dr. Kamran Afshar presents a synopsis of the week's economic news with a detailed look at trends in the Lehigh Valley and the nation.

Economic Pulse airs Friday at 5:44pm during NPR's All Things Considered and Monday at 7:41am during NPR's Morning Edition.

(Original air-date: 7/28/2017)

Investment Terms Revisited on Your Financial Choices

Aug 1, 2017

Laurie Siebert discusses: "Investment terms revisited." Laurie also takes listener questions live on the air.

(Original air-date: 7/26/2017)

Special Focus on Galactic Travels
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Dr. Eric Maisel on Take Charge of Your Life

Jul 24, 2017

Host Eleanor Bobrow discusses dealing with difficult people in our lives with Eric Maisel, PhD, author of the new book Overcoming Your Difficult Family: 8 Skills for Thriving in Any Family Situation.

Dr. Maisel is a retired family therapist, active life coach, and the author of more than 50 books. He has been quoted or featured in a variety of publications including  Redbook, Glamour, Men's Health, and The San Francisco Chronicle.

(Original air-date: 7/17/2017)

'Billboard Boys' Director Pat Taggart on LV Arts Salon

Jul 21, 2017
Pat Taggart

Host Neil Hever talks with Pat Taggart, director of the new documentary "Billboard Boys", chronicling the contest of Allentown AM radio station WSAN in 1982.

What started as a short-term publicity stunt to see who could live on a billboard over a busy highway the longest transformed into a nearly year-long international phenomenon. 

(Original air-date: 7/17/2017)

Prabha Sinha on Take Charge of Your Life

Jul 21, 2017

Host Eleanor Bobrow welcomes guest Prabha Sinha, the founder of the non-profit Pratyush Sinha Foundation that is taking Yoga and Mindfulness into Lehigh Valley Schools and community.

(Original air-date: 7/3/2017)

Paxos Restaurant's Christopher Heath on The Inside Dish

Jul 21, 2017

Michael Drabenstott's exploration of the Lehigh Valley's food and culinary scene continues on this edition of The Inside Dish with guest Christopher Heath, executive chef at Paxos Restaurant Group, which includes blue grillhouse , Melt, Torre and Top Cut in the Lehigh Valley and Firepoint Grill in Newtown Square.

(Original air-date: 7/3/2017)

Mushroom Forager Rob Aptaker on The Inside Dish

Jul 20, 2017

Michael Drabenstott's guest on this edition of The Inside Dish is Rob Aptaker, a mushroom forager and cultivar from Allentown.

(Original air-date: 7/3/2017)

Navigating the Elder Care Maze on Your Financial Choices

Jul 20, 2017

Guest host, James J. Ruggiero Jr., Esq. AEP®, Managing Partner at Ruggiero Law Offices, and his guest Theresa M. Kuhar, RN, BSN, Managing Director of IKOR Bucks & Lehigh, discuss: "Navigating the Elder Care Maze".

Jim and Theresea also answer questions live on the air during the program.

(Original air-date: 7/19/2017)

Indian-American student entrepreneur Aryaman Khandelwal and Penn State Lehigh Valley Professor Michael Krajsa join host Galen Godbey to discuss the development of a new healthcare app in use in rural India, and the Penn State Lehigh Valley Launch Box program, education, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

(Original air-date: 7/6/2017)