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Economic Pulse: Week of 7/12/18

Jul 20, 2018

A weekly look at the trends driving the nation's economy as well as the Lehigh Valley's economy.

Economic Pulse with Dr. Kamran Afshar airs Fridays at 5:44 pm and Mondays at 7:41 am.

(Original air-date: 7/12/2018)

Host John Pearce explores Islamic studies in the Lehigh Valley along with Islamic beliefs and traditions. Joining him are guests Dr. Walter Wagner, co-founder of Respect Graduate School, and students Makaddes Sablak and Fajjr Khan.

(Original air-date: 06/28/2018)

On the Next Galactic Travels 2018-07-26

Jul 20, 2018

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Economic Pulse: Week of 7/6/18

Jul 19, 2018

A weekly look at the trends driving our nation's economy as well as the Lehigh Valley's economy. Economic Pulse with Dr. Kamran Afshar airs Fridays at 5:44 pm and Mondays at 7:41 am.

(Original air-date: 7/6/2018)

Dani Klein Modisett and host Eleanor Bobrow discuss how through humor and comedy, a loving and long-term marital relationship can be created. 

Modisett is a comedian and actress turned author of AfterBirth: Stories You Won't Read in a Parenting Magazine and Take My Spouse, Please: How to Keep Your Marriage Happy, Healthy, and Thriving by Following the Rules of Comedy.  The latter book describes how to utilize humor, comedy, and laughter to create a loving long-term marital relationship.  

(Original air-date: 07/09/2018)

Dr. Ken Redcross on Take Charge of Your Life

Jul 19, 2018

Host Eleanor Bobrow takes a look at one of the fastest-growing infectious diseases in the United States; Lyme disease and how with the warmer weather, health officials are expecting the worst tick season ever. Her guest is Dr. Ken Redcross, a board-certified internal medicine physician and founder of one of the first full-service concierges, personalized medical practices in the United States.(Original air-date: 07/02/18)

Hosts George Miller and Kate Scuffle talk with Director Charles Richter and lead actor Frankie Grande about bringing "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" to life. The Muhlenberg Summer Music Theatre production is running July 11-29 in Baker Theatre on the Muhlenberg College campus.

Eleanor Bobrow talks about how to healthily live and deal with the pain that millions of people have on a daily basis. Her guest is Sarah Anne Shockley, author of The Pain Companion: Everyday Wisdom for Living with and Moving Beyond Chronic Pain. 

Shockley has lived with chronic pain since 2007 and offers a flexible, compassionate and supportive guide for those who live with pain.

(Original air-date: 6/11/2018)

Market Commentary on Your Financial Choices

Jul 12, 2018

This week, Laurie Siebert welcomes Timothy G. Roof, CFP®, Vice President and Connor Darrell, Head of Investments, from Valley National Financial Advisors to discuss: “Market Commentary.”

Laurie also takes listener questions during the program.  

(Original air-date: 7/11/2018)

At the Movies: Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Jul 11, 2018

Paul Willistein of the Lehigh Valley Press reviews this biographical documentary film of Fred Rogers, directed by Morgan Neville

“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” is a fascinating glimpse into the genesis and making of “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood,” the sociological influences of the television show, and the personality of Fred Rogers, the life-long Republican and Presbyterian minister who turned a television show into a television ministry. The documentary film is directed by Morgan Neville, who received a documentary feature Oscar for the superb “20 Feet From Stardom” (2014).