Tax Season

Host Laurie Siebert discusses "What did we learn from this tax season?"

Laurie also takes listener questions on the air, as well as question submitted online before the show.

Laurie Siebert discusses: "TAX TIME - getting ready and filing a complete and accurate return."

Laurie also takes listener questions live on the air.  

(Original air-date: 2/1/17)

Host Laurie A. Siebert, CPA,CFP(r), AEP (r) discusses decisions regarding retirement account funding.  Laurie will also take listener's questions live on-air. Questions for future programs can be submitted early through by clicking Contact Laurie (original air date 02/26/14).

How do you get ready for the tax season?

Jan 17, 2014

Host, Laurie A. Siebert, CPA, CFP(r), AEP (r) discusses how to get ready for tax season and doing so efficiently. Original air-date January 14, 2014.