Take Charge of Your Life

Take Charge of Your Life host Eleanor Bobrow talks with Trina Johnson Brady, Community Relations Specialist at Phoebe Ministries, Keith Ochwat, PBS film producer and Managing Director of the Documentary Foundation, and Don Kimberling, a Phoebe Berks County resident who is the chairperson of the Sports and Recreation Task Force.  They discuss the 21st Century concept of aging which focuses on wellness and healthy activities by tackling the challenge of old age with grace, humor and optimism.  The Phoebe Institute on Aging will focus on this theme with a free conference enti

On this program, host Eleanor Bobrow talks with Rick Lavoie, author, educator and speaker on learning disabilities and Donna Henry, the head of The Hillside School, which offers opportunities for children with learning disabilities. Listeners will we learn ways to maximize the potential of children with learning disabilities through excellence in education. (Original air date September 30, 2013.)

Host Eleanor Bobrow talks with Rich Herschlag, writer and co-producer of The Tennis Team, and Bill Staples, executive producer of the Tennis Team. The two have created a film to help us understand the impact of bullying on our children and what we can do to prevent it and censure it in order to take a firm active position for the well-being of our children. (Original air date September 23, 2013.)

Author Kristin Neff on Take Charge of Your Life

Sep 18, 2013

On this week’s program host Eleanor Bobrow talks with Dr. Kristin Neff, Associate Professor of Human Development at the University of Texas, and author of Self-Compassion. Her book helps us understand how to use self-compassion when we are feeling down so that it encourages us to get up and try again, in order to reach our full potential. (Original air date September 9, 2013.)

On this program host Eleanor Bobrow talks with Dr. Joyce Dougherty, Executive Director of The PROGRAM for Women and Families. The organization helps women offenders reunite with their children, and also provides service for at-risk youths and male offenders to re-enter the community in a setting that helps to provide and create positive change for all involved. (Original air date September 1, 2013.)

The Growing Place on Take Charge of Your Life

Aug 29, 2013

Host Eleanor Bobrow talks with Gini Affuso, a childbirth educator and birth doula with The Growing Place, the first wellness, birth and family service center in the Lehigh Valley, specializing in comprehensive non-medical support for women and families and located in Emmaus. Gini discusses her passion for supporting women as they journey through their pregnancy and birth experiences. (Original air date August 26, 2013.)

Reading to Succeed on Take Charge of Your Life

Aug 27, 2013

Host Eleanor Bobrow talks with Stephanie Miller-Berman, founder of Reading to Succeed, Inc.  The organization helps people understand that children and adults with learning disabilities and dyslexia have the capability to learn and succeed in all levels of education given the right instruction. (Original air date August 19, 2013.)

The IMPACT Project on Take Charge of Your Life

Aug 15, 2013

Host Eleanor Bobrow talks with Dr. Joseph Abraham and Linda Abraham, both from  The IMPACT Project, a private children and youth agency located in Emmaus. The agency helps adolescents in the juvenile justice system find pathways to a better life.

Comedians at Law on Take Charge of Your Life

Aug 15, 2013

On tonight’s show host Eleanor Bobrow talks Alex Barnett, a former attorney who left the law to pursue a career in comedy.  He has joined forces with five other attorneys who seem to have chosen the same path, and they have formed a group called Comedians at Law. (Original air date August 12, 2013.)

Host Eleanor Bobrow talks with Tony Sparber, owner and director of New Image Weight Loss Camp for Kids in the Poconos, which helps youngsters create the lives they want: physically, emotionally and mentally. (Original air date, July 15, 2013.)