Rep. Charlie Dent

Hosted by Pamela Varkony, the program begins with Pennsylvania's Lt. Gov. Jim Crawley. He calls into the program to discuss the changes associated with the transportation bill. Here is a map of highways and bridges that will see improvements, as referenced in the program. Lt. Gov. Crawley discusses other issues facing our state.

Leaders of Public Media serving Representative Charlie Dent's district, together with local champions, met with the Congressman to discuss the community services they provide, and the future of federal funding that enables these services.

Left to right on the photo: Jamie Musselman, Charles Marcon, Rep. Charlie Dent, Kathleen Pavelko (WITF), Roger LaMay (WXPN), Bill Marrazzo (WHYY), Tim Fallon (WLVT), Bill Dautremont-Smith (WDIY).