An unusual hiking ministry is this week's topic. The Church of the Mountain in Delaware Water Gap, PA, does this outreach ministry to hikers of the Appalachian Trail.

Guests Rev. Sherry BlackmanLarry Beck and Dave Childs tell how their church congregation developed this ministry and how congregants keep it going year after year. Why do hikers make these mountain hikes? You may be surprised at some of their reasons.

(Original air-date: 04/26/18)

Dr. Jessica Cooperman on LV Discourse

Mar 19, 2018

Guest Dr. Jessica Cooperman of the religion studies department at Muhlenberg College talks about spiritual needs of U.S. soldiers and sailors in WWI.

The 20th century saw the rise of chaplaincy for non-Protestants, i.e. Jewish and Roman Catholic men in military service. NGOs such as the YMCA, Knights of Columbus and Jewish Welfare board all played roles to assure worship services and counseling for all military men.

(Original air-date: 03/08/18)

Montclair State University Professor Mark Clatterbuck who specializes in Indigenous Religions of North America and high school art history teacher David Sommers join host John Pearce to discuss teaching religions at college and high school levels from an art, literature, history, and sociology perspective.

(Original air-date: 5/12/2016)

On the program, hosts John Pearce and Ray Schwab interview three guests from the School of Sacred Ministries, which promotes peace through understanding of the world's faiths and traditions. Dan Hazelton, Annie Marans, Peyton Petty address what is meant by "interfaith"?  They also discuss how the school has impacted their lives.