At The Movies

At the Movies: Avengers: Infinity War

May 14, 2018

Paul Willistein of the Lehigh Valley Press reviews "Avengers: Infinity War," which broke domestic and international opening weekend movie box-office records, and continues to set new records.

John Dodds welcomes John Ernesto, general manager of the annual Berks Jazz Fest, to preview the 2017 festival beginning March 31st. 

Lehigh Valley Beer Week (Pt. 1) on LV Arts Salon

Feb 14, 2017

This week's topic is the art of brewing, as will be on show at the fifth Lehigh Valley Beer Week, starting this coming Saturday, Feb. 18.

Host Michael Drabenstott speaks to a local organic farmer and downtown diner owner who share their perspectives on the Lehigh Valley’s diverse and expanding food scene on “The Inside Dish.”  

At The Movies "Argo"

Oct 18, 2012

Paul Willistein reviews "Argo"

Paul Willistein reviews "Taken 2"

At the Movies: The Master

Oct 2, 2012

Paul Willistein reviews "The Master". 


Sep 19, 2012

At the Movies with Paul Willistein reviewing "Lawless"