Lehigh Valley Discourse

11:15 am
Fri October 26, 2012

Author Dr. Franklin Sherman on Lehigh Valley Discourse

Host John Pearce chats with guest Dr. Franklin Sherman about his book, Bridges:  Documents of the Christian-Jewish Dialogue.  Dr. Sherman is a scholar who has studied these documents since the end of WWII.

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10:34 am
Fri October 19, 2012

Venture Idol Featured on Lehigh Valley Discourse

In early 2000s, Ben Franklin Technology Partners of NE PA introduced a program to help its clients get in front of venture capitalists.  This provided two very special and important opportunities. First, it helped to guide and prepare start- up ventures in their ability to present their business and investment case.  Second, it helped to make venture capitalists aware of the business innovations taking place in the Lehigh Valley.

11:04 am
Fri October 12, 2012

Children's Issues the Focus of Lehigh Valley Discourse

If, indeed, children are our future, as so many like to say, what might that future look like, given the many challenges our children face: declining resources for education, intervention when they are victimized by predators, and nutrition programs, neighborhoods that are unsafe and so much more.  With an election just a few weeks away, the public policy debate appears to be ignoring this critically important but voiceless constituency.

11:17 am
Tue October 9, 2012

The Economy the Focus of Lehigh Valley Discourse

The economy is bad.  The economy is good.  It needs to be stimulated.  It needs to be left alone.  It's good for Obama.  It's good for Romney. With the discussion leading up to the November election focusing on the economy, host Alan Jennings welcomes guests Kamran Afshar, economist, and Tony Ianelli, CEO of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce.

11:16 am
Fri September 28, 2012

Mental Health Discussed on Lehigh Valley Discourse

Host John Pearce welcomes four administrators from Lehigh County to the program to discuss mental health issues.  They discuss crisis intervention and to prevent suicide, among other topics. 

11:17 am
Thu September 27, 2012

YWCA on Lehigh Valley Discourse

2012 marks the 85th anniversary of the YWCA of Bethlehem.    Join host Sally Handlon as she interviews the YW’s current leadership as they discuss the Y’s direction 85 years later and what their future vision holds.

11:31 am
Fri September 14, 2012

Upcoming Election the Focus of Lehigh Valley Discourse

Labor Day is the historic "out-of-the-gates" day for elections.  While many have been paying attention for some time, over the next several weeks the candidates and their parties and surrogates will be pummeling voters with attempts to convert them to their side or fire up their side to get out and help them win. In this week’s show, host Alan Jennings discusses the 2012 election with guests Tom Carroll, vice chair of the Northampton County Republican Committee, and Walt Garvin, chair of the Northampton County Democratic Committee.

11:11 am
Thu September 13, 2012

School of Sacred Ministries on Lehigh Valley Discourse

On the program, hosts John Pearce and Ray Schwab interview three guests from the School of Sacred Ministries, which promotes peace through understanding of the world's faiths and traditions. Dan Hazelton, Annie Marans, Peyton Petty address what is meant by "interfaith"?  They also discuss how the school has impacted their lives. 

11:31 am
Tue August 28, 2012

Dr. Thrygve Meeker on Lehigh Valley Discourse

Host John Pearce interviews scientist and Allentown resident Thrygve R. Meeker, PhD.  Dr. Meeker has led a fascinating life, from Pennsylvania farm boy through two degrees in physical chemistry to supervisor at AT&T Bell Laboratories.  He will share his many life adventures.

1:08 pm
Mon August 13, 2012

Mayor Pawlowski on Lehigh Valley Discourse

Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski has a problem.  Actually, like all mayors trying to make their cities viable in Pennsylvania, the mayor has big problems.  Having cut city spending to the bone, he still has major obligations such as meeting its pension obligations for retired city workers. So Mayor Pawlowski is proposing some bold measures, including unloading some major operations to private and/or outside interests. Join host Alan Jennings as he welcomes the Mayor to Lehigh Valley Discourse to discuss plans for the city.