Lehigh Valley Discourse

On Thursday, June 6th, the Lincoln Leadership Academy, a charter school founded by former public school principal Sandra Figueroa, will hold its first-ever commencement exercises.  That evening at 6 PM, Ms. Figueroa will be joined by two of her graduates on Lehigh Valley Discourse, hosted by Alan Jennings.

The award-winning documentary, “Girl Rising”,  stories from around the world of the struggle for girl’s education and empowerment, which is soon to be shown at the Banko Theater at Steel Stacks, serves as the centerpiece for host Pamela Varkony’s conversations about this important topic that affects half of the world’s population.

Small Business Expo on Lehigh Valley Discourse

May 29, 2013

The Lehigh Valley is fortunate to have a variety of small businesses, over 11,000 have 9 or less employees.  How does a business of this size get to the next level – more revenue, more employees…help strengthen the business community? Host Sally Handlon welcomes guests David Dunn, Lehigh University’s Small Business Development Center, and David Grow, VP of First Niagara. The three will discuss how 12 community organizations are coming together to provide a business expo to support our small business community. (Original air date May 16, 2013.)

The City of Bethlehem has a hotly contested race for mayor featuring two sitting City Council members.  In a city in which Democrats vastly outnumber Republicans, this primary election is likely to choose the next mayor.  J. William Reynolds and Robert Donchez will join host Alan Jennings on this week’s program.

An especially interesting primary battle is taking place in the County Executive election in Lehigh County. While Democrat Tom Mueller is unopposed in the primary, former county commissioner Dean Browning and current commissioner Scott Ott are fighting for the soul of Lehigh County's Republican Party. Browning is a conservative who was ousted in his bid for re-election two years ago when he voted for the budget proposed by then-County Executive Don Cunningham because it included a tax increase. Ott, a Tea Party conservative, led the effort to remove Browning.

The History of Medicine on Lehigh Valley Discourse

Apr 26, 2013

Co-hosts John Pearce and Ray Schwab welcome guest Dr. Daniel Wilson, Professor of History at Muhlenberg College.  The topic: studying the history of medicine. Dr. Wilson, a polio survivor, has written three books on polio epidemics.

Pay Equity Issues on Lehigh Valley Discourse

Apr 19, 2013

When you think of all the advances made since 1963, we tend to remember all the positive changes in technology, transportation, research…but what about advances for the people that help make that occur.  Fifty years ago Betty Freidan published the Feminine Mystic and Congress passed the Equal Pay Act. Join host Sally Handlon on this week’s show as she explores the pay equity issue with Stephanie Hnatiw, Executive Direction of the YWCA of Bethlehem, Toni Hoffman, co-chair, Easton AAUW and Chet Mostellar, president Mostellar & Associates.

On this week’s program, WDIY will present a unique approach to the age-old candidates’ debate.  Host Alan Jennings will present the Democratic candidates for Northampton County Executive.  The format will dispense with the rigid structure common to candidate debates in favor of a no-rules, conversational approach.  John Callahan, Lamont McClure and Glenn Reibman will have a wide-ranging discussion of the issues, covering the economy, fiscal austerity, especially in an era when state and federal assistance are diminishing, open space preservation, their approach to governing, and how the co

(Lehigh Valley, PA)  WDIY’s weekly public affairs program Lehigh Valley Discourse will feature the candidates for Northampton County Executive on Thursday’s program, 6-7pm.

Gun Control on Lehigh Valley Discourse

Apr 5, 2013

Tonight's topic is gun control. Co-hosts Gloria McVeigh and John Pearce have invited guests Brian Monaghan and John Vivian to weigh in on this important issue.  They hold differing views.  Listeners will be able to call in with comments and questions. (Original air date April 4, 2013.)