Lehigh Valley Arts Salon

Celtic Classic on Arts Salon

Sep 24, 2013

The Celtic Classic festival celebrates all things Celtic this coming weekend - great music, food, crafts, dance, heritage and more - and hosts George Miller and Kate Scuffle and their festival guests will share what's new, what's back, and what you just can't miss. (Original air date September 23, 2013.)

George Miller and Kate Scuffle on Arts Salon

Sep 17, 2013

The tables are turned as George Miller and Kate Scuffle move to the other side of the desk as tonight’s guests on the program. They’ll be talking about their production at the recent Galway Fringe Festival, as well as George’s direction of a radio play of the winner at the Scripts Festival in Ireland. (Original air date September 16, 2013.)

2012 Tribute to the Arts Awards on Arts Salon

Sep 10, 2013

Hosts George Miller and Kate Scuffle talk with Mary Mulder from Bethlehem Fine Arts Commission about their 2012 Tribute to the Arts awards recipients, including Jeff Boerner of the Fab Lab at NCC, recognized for its groundbreaking work in bringing ideas of craft and science to life. (Original air date September 9, 2013.)

New Season at Zoellner on Arts Salon

Aug 27, 2013

Zoellner Center for the Arts has unveiled an exciting new season, and Artistic Director Deb Sacarakis and Administrative Director Andrew Cassano join hosts George and Kate to talk about the highlights. (Original air date August 26, 2013.)

Eastern PA Arts Alliance on Arts Salon

Aug 21, 2013

Host Silagh White welcomes Kim Plyer of the Eastern PA Arts Alliance to tonight’s program. They’ll be talking about the organization, created three-and-a-half years ago, to support local arts organizations. They’ll also be chatting with several of the five inaugural grant recipients which include Touchstone Theatre, Mock Turtle Marionette Theater, Pennsylvania Youth Theatre, Zoellner Arts Center and Godfrey Daniels. (Original air date August 19, 2013.)

The Musical Ark on Lehigh Valley Arts Salon

Aug 15, 2013

Kate and George welcome renowned wood-turning artist & Moravian Academy teacher Michael Brolly, who will talk about his international summer projects, the "Improvisations on the Theme of an Irish Wall" in Carlow, Ireland and The Musical Ark, the very special boat he and his Moravian students have built and traveled.  They will also chat with representatives from Allentown Public Theatre about their latest production "Pinocchio", which plays over the next two weekends at St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Allentown. (Original air date August 12, 2013.)

El Sistema on Lehigh Valley Arts Salon

Aug 8, 2013

Host Silagh White welcomes Steven Liu, director of El Sistema Lehigh Valley. The organization, operated by the Allentown Symphony Association, provides instruments and teaches classical music to underprivileged youth in the Lehigh Valley. (Orignal air date August 5, 2013.)

Musikfest 2013 on Lehigh Valley Arts Salon

Jul 30, 2013

Tune in to learn (almost) everything you need to know about this year's festival, with host Charles James and guests Mark Demko and Patrick Brogan of ArtsQuest. Musikfest 2013, scheduled to begin Friday, will feature 500 acts performing on 15 stages in north Bethlehem and the SteelStacks campus, running August 2-11, 2013.  (Original air date July 29, 2013).

PA Blues Festival on Lehigh Valley Arts Salon

Jul 16, 2013

Celebrating 22 years of blues in the Poconos, host Maxx Foxx welcomes Michael Cloeren from Pennsylvania Blues Festival, happening July 26-29 at Blue Mountain Ski Resort, to talk about this year’s festival. (Original air date, July 15, 2013.)

Author Geoff Gehman on Lehigh Valley Arts Salon

Jul 9, 2013

Hosts George Miller and Kate Scuffle talk with writer Geoff Gehman about his newest book, “Kingdom of the Kid”, a memoir of growing up in the long-lost Hampton’s of the 1960’s.   Bethlehem Fine Arts Commission’s Vince Gentilcore also joins them to talk about “Reflections: A Self-Portrait Show”, the popular BFAC exhibit currently hanging at the Rotunda Gallery in Bethlehem’s City Hall. (Original air date July 8, 2013.)