Kamran Afshar

Dr. Kamran Afshar presents a special edition Lehigh Valley Discourse featuring a roundtable discussion on the results of Kamran Afshar Associates, Inc.'s quarterly economic review of Lehigh Valley businesses. Dr. Afshar welcomes Jack Pfunder, Executive Director of Manufacturing Resource Center, and Tom Demshock, Broker at Fishburn Realty. 

(Original air-date: 11/05/15)

A Drop in the Unemployment Rate on Economic Pulse

Aug 29, 2014

PA Department of Labor and Industry reported a significant drop in the unemployment rate, falling from 7.7% in July 2013 to 5.9% in July 2014. But let’s look at the calculations; there were 2,500 new jobs created in the last 12 months which is ok, and if this was all, unemployment rate would have dropped to only 6.7%. Then how did we moved down to 5.9%, where did the other 0.8% come from?

(Original air-date 8/29/2014)

Exploring the Return of Inflation on Economic Pulse

Aug 22, 2014

Inflation is back, although we have not completely felt it  yet. Inflation over the 12 months was 2%, inflation rate in 2014 is 2.4% and  in the last 3 months this rate has increased to 2.8%. Actual inflation is accelerating. (Original air-date 8/22/2014)

How does the Federal Reserve influence the economy?

Dr. Afshar explores what the Federal Reserve is, how it affects banks and businesses, and the specific tools it uses to influence the economy.  

Promise Neighborhood on Lehigh Valley Discourse

Jul 19, 2013

Although public education is available to all youth, the preparation of youngsters to start school varies widely.   Some of the children may be enrolled in a formal Pre-K program; some may have engaged families or extended families.  But what if they don’t?  How can the child without those experiences adapt and excel?  One answer that is locally being explored is Promise Neighborhoods.  Join host Sally Handlon as she explores this new approach with guests Edward Meehan and Dr. Kamran Afshar. (Original air date, July 18, 2013.)