Jonn Serrie

The Special Focus for July, 2013.

Jul 3, 2013
Special Focus on Galactic Travels
Bill Fox / WDS Productions

The Special Focus for July is Jonn Serrie.   Originally known for long-form space-music journeys, leading planetarium composer Jonn Serrie has been looking to the heavens for inspiration for decades.  Using both analog and digital synthesizers, his rhythmic outings often have an understated heroic and sometimes romantic feel.  He has had numerous works commissioned for planetariums around the world and has reshaped and redefined ambient space music.  In addition to his many albums, his body

On the Next Galactic Travels 2013-07-04

Jul 2, 2013
Galactic Travels Logo
Bill Fox / WDS Productions

On the next Galactic Travels, the month-long Special Focus on Jonn Serrie begins.  The Featured CD at Midnight will be Sunday Morning Peace on Valley Entertainment.