The Blend

Sultans of String on The Blend

Aug 22, 2013

Sultans of String stop by The Blend this afternoon, prior to their show at Levitt Pavilion later tonight. WDIY is Community Sponsor for the Levitt show. (Original air date August 16, 2013.)

The Abrams Brothers on The Blend

Aug 16, 2013

The Abrams Brothers came by the studio to play some music and talk with Stew, prior to their performance at Musikfest later that evening. (Original air date August 8, 2013.)

Frenchy and the Punk on The Blend

Aug 15, 2013

Bill Dautremont-Smith welcomes Frenchy and the Punk to the studio for an intervew and live performance.

Trevor Exter on The Blend

Aug 13, 2013

Bill Dautremont-Smith welcomes Trevor Exter to the show. He'll play his new cello for listeners, before he performs at 11pm tonight at Musikfest. (Original broadcast August 9, 2013.)

Lily Mae on The Blend

Aug 8, 2013

Host Keith Kelleher welcomes teenage singer-songwriter Lily Mae, whose voice has been compared to Joni Mitchell, to the studio for an interview and live performance prior to her performance at 5pm at Musikfest on the Lyrikplatz stage, for which WDIY is the media sponsor.

Video of Lily's performance.

Whiskeyhickon Boys on The Blend

Aug 8, 2013

Host Mike Space welcomes band members from the Whiskeyhickon Boys to the studio for a live performance prior to their show on Main Street at Musikfest later that night. They are also performing at Liederplatz on Friday.

Sofia Rei on The Blend

Aug 6, 2013

Host Bill Dautremont-Smith welcomes Sofia Rei to the studio for an interview and live performance.  She is an internationally acclaimed Argentinian jazz and world music vocalist. She will be performing at Plaza Tropical at 6pm tonight, and then onto Lincoln Center on Thursday.

John Gorka on The Blend

Aug 6, 2013

Host Carlos Benjamin welcomes John Gorka to the studio for an interview and live performance, prior to his two  appearances during Musikfest, the first during the opening ceremony at 6pm, and then at 9pm on the Liederplatz stage later that evening.  (Original air date August 2, 2013.)

Dave Wakeling of The English Beat on The Blend

Jul 25, 2013

Host Keith Kelleher talks with Dave Wakeling of The English Beat. He talks about his new release, Specialized II: Beat Teenage Cancer.  This second music compilation is a tribute to the music of The English Beat, with all proceeds of the album going to the Teenage Cancer Trust. The band also recently performed in a WDIY sponsored show at Musikfest Cafe.

SoulRagga on The Blend

Jun 11, 2013

SoulRagga vocalist and percussionist Camille Armstrong and bass player, Steve 'Z' Zalalas stopped by the studio for an interview and live performance, prior to the band playing at Tunes at Twilight in Historic Bethlehem last week. Enjoy!