Take Charge of Your Life

Mondays, 6:30-7:00pm

Each week, marriage and family therapist Eleanor Bobrow invites you to take charge of your life with guests discussing a variety of topics including health, relationships, wellness, and more. The theme of this program is that so many events in life happen to us over which we have no control. Our only control is our response to life’s situations. It is said that 90% of life’s events happen to us and 10% is what we make happen.

Bethlehem Food Co-op on Take Charge of Your Life

May 22, 2015

As the growing season is upon us, host Eleanor Bobrow discusses how to improve our access to our local farmers' agricultural produce. How do we increase our ability to eat more healthfully? Tonight's guests believe that they have the answer through the establishment of the Bethlehem Food Co-Op. Colleen Marsh, co-leader of the communications committee for the Bethlehem Food Co-Op, and Garry Warren, a member of the Co-Op's Board of Directors, discuss how we can achieve these goals. 

(Original air-date: 5/11/2015)

Dr. Johnny Lops on Take Charge of Your Life

May 14, 2015

Psychiatrist Dr. Johnny Lops, author of Reinvent Yourself:  Essential Tools from a Brooklyn Psychiatrist Who Has Seen It All, discusses ways to reverse the negativity in our lives which could lead to depression and anxiety by changing what we say and how we say it.

(Original air-date: 5/4/2015)

Host Eleanor Bobrow welcomes chiropractic physician and nutritionist Dr. Robert J. Haley, the author of The Impatient Nation. Eleanor and Robert discuss how to take charge of our health and wellness by understanding what steps we can take to create wellness in our own lives and the lives of our family.

(Original air-date: 4/27/2015)

Julie Kohner, the daughter of Czechoslovakian holocaust survivors Walter and Hanna Kohner, joins host Eleanor Bobrow to discuss Voices of the Generations. Kohner developed this non-profit organization to provide an easy-to-grasp yet powerful and meaningful introduction to Holocaust education for audiences of all ages.    

(Original air-date: 04/06/15)

Tonight’s show focuses on how our attitudes and thinking patterns impact our ability to get a good night’s sleep. Host Eleanor Bobrow welcomes psychotherapist and marriage and family therapist Jude Bijou, MA MFT, to discuss her book Attitude Reconstruction: A Blueprint for Building a Better Life.

(Original air-date: 03/30/2015)

Healthy Aging on Take Charge of Your Life

Mar 25, 2015

Host Eleanor Bobrow joins Stanley R. Walker to discuss healthy aging. Stanley, who has been a certified geriatrician and internist for over 30 years, explains the steps we can take to live longer in good health both physically and mentally. 

(Original air-date: 3/23/2015)

Jerzy Gregorek, co-author of The Happy Body—Five Ways to Regain Youthfulness with the Right Kind of Exercise, joins host Eleanor Bobrow to discuss a new study published by the Mayo Clinic. The study found that exercising for short-term results – endurance exercise for weight loss or ultra-heavy weight lifting to beef up – may actually be counterproductive for longevity and health.

(Original air-date: 03/16/2015)

Water Cures on Take Charge of Your Life

Mar 3, 2015

Registered Nurse Jonathon Steele joins host Eleanor Bobrow to discuss Water Cures, the practice of treating various diseases and conditions by addressing fluid and electrolyte imbalances in the body.

(Original air-date: 3/02/2015)

Building 21 on Take Charge of Your Life

Feb 17, 2015

Host Eleanor Bobrow discusses Building 21, a Philadelphia program due to partner with the Allentown School District beginning in September 2015. The program is centered on the interests of students and helps them create a vision for their own success in a field that they create for themselves. Laura Shubilla, Co-Founder of Building 21, and Tara Ranzy, Principal of Building 21 in Philadelphia, join as guests.

(Original air-date: 02/16/2015)

John Morganelli on Take Charge of Your Life

Feb 11, 2015

Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli, joins host Eleanor Bobrow to discuss the establishment of the county’s new Mental Health Court. The new court will deal with individuals with addiction problems and mental health issues.

(Original air-date: 02/09/2015)