Take Charge of Your Life

Mondays, 6:30-7:00pm

Each week, marriage and family therapist Eleanor Bobrow invites you to take charge of your life with guests discussing a variety of topics including health, relationships, wellness, and more. The theme of this program is that so many events in life happen to us over which we have no control. Our only control is our response to life’s situations. It is said that 90% of life’s events happen to us and 10% is what we make happen.

Host Eleanor Bobrow welcomes Pennsylvania State Trooper, Alex Figueroa , to the studio. Figueroa discusses being honored recently by the PETZOLD Foundation , an organization recognizing first responders who demonstrate honor, integrity, selflessness, courage and leadership in their community. Figueroa, who was raised in Bethlehem, is a graduate of Liberty High School and East Stroudsburg University. (Original air-date: 12/28/2015)

Eleanor was joined by Marilyn Amster Gould, author of Son of a Son , which traces the story of a thirteen year-old named Myer as he journeys to the United States all alone-how he learns through success and defeat, love and loss, and the challenges of generations to generations.

They talked about how our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents made the journey from Europe or the Middle East to the "Golden Medina"-the Golden land of America. (Original air-date: 11/09/2015)

Lehigh Valley Health Network

Marriage and Family therapist, Eleanor Bobrow, talks to Jyhgong Gabriel Hou, Director of Movement Disorders and attending Neurologist at the Lehigh Valley Physician Group in Allentown, and Peter Barbour, member of the Department of Medicine, Division of Neurology, at Lehigh Valley Hospital, to discuss Parkinson's Disease. More than 60,000 Americans are newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease each year. The guests help us better understand the impact of Parkinson’s on the patient and the...

Host Eleanor Bobrow welcomes former college professor, sociologist, and life coach, Renate Reimann, PhD to discuss her book Beyond Procrastination where he explores how 20% of Americans are chronic procrastinators which has been found to adversely affect heart health. (Original air-date: 9/7/2015)

Tim Wynkoop, Express-Times

Megan McBride, Market District Director of the Easton Farmers' Market , discusses the farmer's market which has been taking place in Easton's Centre Square since 1752. Megan oversees two open-air summer markets on Saturday and Wednesday, an open-air Winter Market and the soon to open Easton Public Market - a multimillion dollar year round indoor market, slated to open this Fall! (Original air-date: 8/24/2015)

Host Eleanor Bobrow speaks with Mario Cloutier , founder of XCLAMATION Marketing, and Diane Cloutier about their book ReLovenship: Looking Within to Love Again which professes that we often look for love in the wrong places, and that love is actually found when we look inwards to ourselves. (Original air-date: 8/17/2015)

Dr. James P. Brennan , author of The Art of Becoming Oneself: A Fresh Interpretation of Our Possibilities joins host Eleanor Bobrow to discuss how we look for riches in our lives. Dr. Brennan suggests that richness is not found in outward treasures but, rather, looking within ourselves. His new book explores the potential of enriching our lives by becoming ourselves. (Original air-date: 8/10/2015)

Host Eleanor Bobrow speaks with Kevin Cope , Outreach Coordinator for Hope for Veterans , about the needs of veterans as they return to civilian life with their families. Hope for Veterans is a program of Community Hope, Inc. that provides transitional housing, permanent supportive housing, rapid re-housing, and homelessness prevention services to veterans and veteran families in New Jersey and the eastern PA counties of Bucks, Monroe, Northampton, and Pike Counties. For additional...

Development facilitator, educator, writer, and national speaker Annarose Ingarra-Milch joins host Eleanor Bobrow to discuss her new novella Lunch with Lucille, the first in a series of books meant to inspire women to realize their potential at any age through optimism, strength, and critical thinking. (Original air-date: 07/27/15)

Host Eleanor Bobrow welcomes Elaine Zelker, a former nurse, current photographer, and author of The Hand-Some Journey - Portraits of Elders Reflecting on Their Life's Journey to discuss the new book featuring stories introduced by a photograph of their hands holding something special that is a symbol of their life story. (Original Air-Date 07/20/15)