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The third Wednesday of each month during In The Tradition

Dan Kedding: Fiddle

23 hours ago

Halloween is not far off. The guild has two scary story events, which I will tell you about after our good friend Dan Kedding gets you in the mood with a dancing fiddle.

The Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild holds its Storytelling Circle at Godfrey Daniels at 7 East 4th Street in Bethlehem on the second Wednesdays of the month at 7:30 pm (except the month of August). Come and listen to stories or try out a story yourself. We are a friendly audience and the event is free.

Well, that’s all for now, have fun and keep a story in your heart.

Tim Jennings & Leanne Ponder: King and the Thrush

Feb 21, 2018

In this episode of Stories in the Valley Charles Kiernan interviews Tim Jennings and Leanne Ponder

Friday is the Story Fusion Festival at the Northampton County Community College. And our headliners are Jennings and Ponder. They are storytellers from Vermont, and I, for one, am looking very much to hearing from them. As a matter of fact I called them earlier today and asked them this question. What can our audience expect to hear on Saturday night when you are doing the vampire princes?

Kathy Long: The Legend of the Spiders

Feb 15, 2018

Kathy Long is one the Lehigh Valley Story Telling Guild Members who has a special place in her heart for Christmas. In her house there is more than a hint of Christmas all year round. From her CD, Mangos & Pickles & Spiders Oh My!, tales for the holiday season, I have chosen The Legend of the Spiders.  That might sound a little odd for a Christmas story, but all will be explained.

Here is Kathy Long

That was Kathy Long

Lynn Reuhlmann: Not Howard

Feb 15, 2018

The Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild has moved its festival, StoryFUSION 2014, to the month of September. It will still be at Northampton Community College, this year starting on the Friday, September 19th to Sunday the 21st. A children’s show, workshops, open mics, and performances make up the festivities. Our feature tellers are Jennings and Ponder, wonderful husband and wife tandem tellers of traditional stories. I will tell you more about them on this show in September. Until then, over the next four months, I want to feature the Guild tellers who will also be on the same stage.

Charles Kiernan: The Great White Cat

Feb 15, 2018

I have decided today to give you a little Christmas treat. It is, of course, a story. It’s a story I love to tell at this time of year.

My version of the story is called The Great White Cat. I believe it’s Nordic in origin, but like so many other tales…it’s traveled wide and far.

I’m also fascinated by this story because of its reference to a very ancient tradition. The ancients felt that the year was a circle. And if the year is a circle it out to have 360 days—such as the circle has 360 degrees. Well we all know that’s not quite true, and they knew that too.

Lehigh Valley Story Slam

Feb 14, 2018

The Story Slam has come to the Lehigh Valley. It is happening right now as this piece is being aired, but don’t worry, it happens every month, on the third Wednesday at the Red Stag Pub.

Since you are not there right now, I am going to give you taste of what you would hear if you were. This is an edited version of one of their podcasts. To hear it in its entirety go to, all one word.


Nancy Donoval: My Family Name

Feb 14, 2018

Summer is a great time for picnics and family gatherings. Anytime families eat together out come the family stories to be feasted upon. A lot of these stories may be very small, but they are nonetheless important and interesting. Here is a family story that starts with a phone book.

The teller, Nancy Donoval, hails from Chicago. She is very involved with socially conscious storytelling, but she is also the 2010 National Story Slam winner. Here is one of her family stories.

That was Nancy Donoval.

Syd Lieberman: Joseph the Tailor, The Wise Shoemaker of Studena, and The Debate in Sign Language

Feb 14, 2018

I want to honor the passing of storyteller Syd Lieberman. He had often appeared at the National Storytelling Festival, was an awarding winning teacher, and an author. One of his specialties was the telling of Jewish folktales.  Here are three of them: Joseph the Tailor, The Wise Shoemaker of Studena, and The Debate in Sign Language.

That was the late Syd Lieberman.

Richard Marsh: Oisin and Niahm

Feb 14, 2018

Now that you have recovered from your Saint Patrick’s Day hangover, I am here to tell you the celebration isn’t really over until you have heard a bit of Irish lore. Today I present to you Richard Marsh, storyteller, guide to the ancient Celtic sites, and resident of Dublin. If you find yourself in Dublin and are interested in Irish history, you will need to look him up.

Here is Richard’s rendition of Oisin and Niamh (Osheen and Nave)                                                                         

That was Richard Marsh.

Charlotte Blake Alston: Cow Switch Tail & Healing Hands

Feb 14, 2018

February is Black History month. In recognition of that we will revisit Charlotte Blake Alston, a Philadelphia storyteller and friend of the Lehigh Valley storytelling Guild. I won’t bore you with the litany of her accomplishments.  Her skills and talents are evident in her storytelling.

I will draw two stories from her CD, Wadin’ in the Water. Both tales are of African origin. Charlotte’s telling of them is what makes them special. Here is what I mean.

That was Charlotte Blake Alston.