Lehigh Valley Discourse

Provocative, informative and newsworthy;  Lehigh Valley Discourse brings you the people and the issues that move and shape our region.  With rotating guest hosts, you’ll hear engaging conversation about many subjects affecting the Lehigh Valley.  Listen every Thursday evening from 6 to 7 pm following NPR’s All Things Considered or catch up with a podcast on wdiy.org

Host John Pearce looks at Allentown as a city, 1950s to the present. Our guest, Jory Berkwits, is the author of My Bittersweet Homecoming (2015) based on his return to his childhood city after almost 40 years away from Allentown. A stroll thru the past and how this city has changed over a half century. 

(Original air-date: 03/10/16)

Theology Professor Virginia Wiles on LV Discourse

Mar 16, 2016

Creativity, games and fun in education might be the title of this week's topic. Dr. Virginia Wiles, professor of Theology, has fun telling us of her escapades as a teacher and preacher. She asks, "If it's not fun, why do it?" On a more serious note, Dr. Wiles is a stroke survivor, and tells what it's like to recover.

(Original air-date: 3/3/2016)

Bill Hunter, Lehigh University's Primary Representative to the United Nations, and Director of the LU/UN Partnership, joins host Galen Godbey to discuss experiential education as enabled by Lehigh's Global Union program and UN NGO (non-governmental organization) status.

(Original air-date: 1/28/2016)

Discussing Abraham Lincoln on LV Discourse

Mar 4, 2016

John Pearce welcomes guests Joseph Garrera and Jill Youngken of the Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum to discuss the life of Abraham Lincoln. How was Mr. Lincoln as a lawyer? Why are women attracted to his memory even today? What roles did Pennsylvania play in Mr. Lincoln's life? All this and more are discussed on this edition of Lehigh Valley Discourse.

(Original air-date: 2/25/16)

Weather Trends International's Bill Kirk on LV Discourse

Feb 26, 2016


Host Sally Handlon and her guest, Bill Kirk, co-founder and CEO of Weather Trends International, talk about the weather - some history, trends for the coming year, whys of some past weather events and the impact of weather on businesses.

 (Original air-date: 2/18/2016)

To celebrate Black History Month, host Galen Godbey's guests are Executive Director, Joseph Garrera, and Assistant Director and Chief Curator, Jill Youngken, of the Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum.

Kamran Afshar welcomes guests Jennifer Mann, President of JL Mann Consulting, and Christopher Borick, Professor of Political Science at Muhlenberg College, to present a special hour-long edition of Economic Pulse during this week's Lehigh Valley Discourse featuring the results of Kamran Afshar Associates, Inc. quarterly economic review of Lehigh Valley businesses.

(Original air-date: 2/4/2016)

Rabbi Allen Juda & Dr. Peter Pettit on LV Discourse

Jan 26, 2016

"Journeys to Justice -- Learning and Action" is the topic of two upcoming forums, sponsored by the Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding.  On this program, host John Pearce welcomes Dr. Peter Pettit and Rabbi Allen Juda to the WDIY studios. Included in the forums: hunger, domestic violence, education. What is just and how can you achieve justice?

(Original air-date: 1/14/2016)


It's been two years since Becky Bradley, Executive Director of the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission, first spoke with host Sally Handlon about the planning commission's activities. On this program, Becky gives an update on "Lehigh Valley: Live, Work and Play."

 (Original air-date: 1/21/2016)

Helping Those with Disabilities on LV Discourse

Jan 14, 2016

What is being done in our country for persons with disabilities? Two local passionate advocates join host John Pearce to tell the story: Amy Beck, Executive Director, LV Center for Independent Living, and Dr. Nelvin Vos, first Convener of the LV Partnership for a Disability Friendly Community. Learn how the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) has improved lives.

(Original air-date: 1/7/2016)