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Jim Palmquist & Mary Jane Long from AARP on LV Discourse

Aug 28, 2014

AARP -- You'll be surprised at the broad range of activities and causes that this organization embraces, supporting those over 50 years of age.  Did you know that half of AARP members are not retired?  Host John Pearce's guests this week, Jim Palmquist, AARP president for PA, and Mary Jane Long, Regional Lead for the Lehigh Valley, tell of the breadth of AARP. 

(Original air-date 8/28/2014)

International Business Development on LV Discourse

Aug 21, 2014

Whether intentional or not, all businesses today have international exposure through the internet. Businesses that are seeking to expand their markets beyond the Lehigh Valley or US, need to understand the different "rules of the game." 

Distance Learning on Lehigh Valley Discourse

Aug 14, 2014

John Pearce explores distance learning and distance education with guests Gaetan Giannini, Dean of the School of Adult and Graduate Education (SAGE) at Cedar Crest College, and Deb Booros, Dean of Lifelong Learning at DeSales University.

(Original air-date 8/14/2014)

Host John Pearce discusses charter schools for arts education.  Joining him in the studio is Dr. Thomas Lubben, founder of the Lehigh Valley Charter H.S. for the Performing Arts (Bethlehem) and founder of the Arts Academy Charter Middle School (Salisbury Twp.) and Carrie Moore, Alumnae Outreach Coordinator at Cedar Crest College and president of the board, Berks Arts Academy Charter H.S. (Reading).

(Original air-date 7/24/2014)

Host Sally Handlon welcomes Melinda Stumpf and Ryan Hill from PPL's Regional Affairs office. They delve into the details of the current energy market in Pennsylvania, PPL Corporation's history, and its services including its response to power disruptions.

(Original air-date 7/17/2014)

Sports Writer Jack McCallum on Lehigh Valley Discourse

Jul 10, 2014

Host John Pearce speaks with eminent sports writer Jack McCallum from Sports Illustrated.  Jack, a Lehigh Valley resident and professor at Muhlenberg College, talks about journalistic writing and covering such NBA stars as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

(Original air-date 7/3/2014)

Modern Day Town Criers on Lehigh Valley Discourse

Jun 29, 2014

Hear ye!  Hear ye!  It's the town criers' call, dating way back... It may make you think eighteenth century, but did you know that town criers are still around in our century?  On this week's show, Jon Pearce welcomes two contemporary town criers: William Joseph and David Rose.

(Original air-date 6/26/2014)

Easton Weed & Seed Program on Lehigh Valley Discourse

Jun 20, 2014

How does society help prisoners return as citizens to their family and neighborhoods? Host John Pearce explores the topic with guests Laura Accetta and Laura Savenelli from Easton's Weed & Seed Program--the only one still operating, out of 17 across PA originally. The program helps families re-integrate a member coming out of jail. 

(Original air-date 6/5/2014)

Host Alan Jennings welcomes Silagh White, adjunct professor in Lehigh University's Baker Institute, to listen back to iconic protest songs and discuss their cultural importance. White is also Director of Arts Engagement and Community Cultural Affairs.

(Original air-date 6/12/2014)

This week's topic is studying abroad for highschoolers. Host John Pearce speaks with: Hugh McMullen, local coordinator of Academic Year in America; Vanessa Lukiewski, a German highschooler currently at Parkland High School; and her host mother, Marlene Merz. (Original air-date 5/22/2014)