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Provocative, informative and newsworthy;  Lehigh Valley Discourse brings you the people and the issues that move and shape our region.  With rotating guest hosts, you’ll hear engaging conversation about many subjects affecting the Lehigh Valley.  Listen every Thursday evening from 6 to 7 pm following NPR’s All Things Considered or catch up with a podcast on wdiy.org

Natural Awakenings

With this program, host Sally Handlon introduces a new feature for her 3rd Thursday Lehigh Valley Discourse show.  Periodically, she will bring Lehigh Valley small business adventurers to the studio to share their story of what led to their small business endeavor, lessons learned, advice and challenges.

Our first adventurer is Reid Boyer, Publisher of Natural Awakenings magazine.  Reid shares his journey from corporate sales to becoming an entrepreneur publisher. Entrepneurial

(Original air-date: 09/17/2015)

Malcolm Gross, Esq. talks about a Pennsylvania hero from Civil War days:  Rep. Thaddeus Stevens.  He championed public education in Pennsylvania and was fiercely anti-slavery at a time when that stance was not popular.  Stevens had President Lincoln’s ear, and the two did not always agree.

(Original Date 09/24/15)

Penn State Lehigh Valley professor, Dr. Galen Godbey, hosts a discussion on building teamwork, social skills, and confidence in young people. Joining him are guests Irene Blough, foreign language teacher for the Allentown School District and founder of a ballroom dance program for middle school students, and Sis-Obed Torres, Director of Operations at the Lincoln Leadership Academy in Allentown.

(Original air-date: 9/10/2015)

The Effort to Save Chestnut Trees on LV Discourse

Sep 11, 2015

Chestnut trees' blight hit in 1904, and these majestic trees have seen decline in health ever since.  Host John Pearce welcomes guests John Wenderoth and Robert Bohm to tell us about efforts to keep chestnut trees alive and thriving.  It's a whole world most of us are unaware of. 

(Original air-date:   8/27/2015)

Downtown Allentown on Lehigh Valley Discourse

Aug 27, 2015

Host Sally Handlon welcomes guests Jim Harbaugh, VP Sales & Leasing, City Center, and Don Bernhard, Community Development Director at Downtown Allentown Community Development Initiative, to discuss the whys and hows in transitioning from an economic development focus to a more broad-based community development approach in Allentown.

(Original air-date: 8/20/2015)

Dave Sommers, painter and teacher at Moravian Academy, gives us insights on paintings in religious settings through the centuries, right up to the present. He describes exchanges between the Moravian Church in the USA and the one in Cuba.

(Original air-date: 07/23/15)

Easton PA is the original "capital seat" of the Lehigh Valley. Founded 279 years ago, the world and Easton has changed a lot over the years. Join host Sally Handlon with guest Dawn Ferrante, Director of Economic and Community Development, as they talk about what is happening in Easton today and what's in the works for tomorrow.

(Original air-date: 07/16/15)

Bill Adams, Express-Times

Host John Pearce speaks with Josh Berk, Executive Director of the Bethlehem Area Public Library about what's new at libraries in the 21st century and what we can expect in the future.  Then, Pearce will talk with Dr. Galen Godbey, Professor at Penn State - Lehigh Valley about big external forces that will have a great impact on education at all levels in the future.

(Original air-date: 07/09/15)

Rep. Robert Freeman (D-Northampton), 136th District in the PA House of Representatives, talks about current legislation in Harrisburg, especially urban sprawl and transportation issues, discussed frequently in Lehigh Valley news.

(Original air-date: 07/02/15)

Host John Pearce talks with Dr. Allen Richardson, professor of Religious Studies at Cedar Crest College, about the changing scene in organized religion in the USA. Of particular note: Hinduism, the subject of his book Seeing Krishna in America.

(Original air-date: 06/25/15)