What's In A Name? Another Name

Apr 3, 2014
Originally published on December 11, 2014 11:03 am

What do Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Jr. have in common? A name, obviously. In this game, identify famous people whose full names are found within the names of other celebrities.

Heard in Episode 313: This Birbiglian Life

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From NPR and WNYC live from the Bell House in Brooklyn, New York, this is ASK ME ANOTHER. I'm Ophira Eisenberg, your host for this next hour of puzzles, word games, and trivia. If you love your public radio, then you're already a fan of kale chips, museum passes, and this week's Very Important Puzzler. He's a frequent contributor to This American Life, a comedian, an actor, and author of "Sleepwalk with Me," it's Mike Birbiglia.


EISENBERG: And please welcome to the stage our first two contestants, Donna Connolly and Marisa Klages.


EISENBERG: Donna, you're visiting from Santa Fe, New Mexico?


EISENBERG: Oh, Donna Connolly is a good name. It's a good strong name.


EISENBERG: How do you feel about your name?

CONNOLLY: Well, it's funny. All of my siblings were named after other family members and I was born the day after Christmas and I was named after Donna Reed from "It's a Wonderful Life."

EISENBERG: Oh. Fantastic. Marisa, how do you feel about your name? That's a good name. Klages, Marisa Klages.

MARISA KLAGES: It's a good name. It's a good name.

EISENBERG: Have you ever wanted to trade for a different name?

KLAGES: Well, when I was in middle school everybody kept calling me Melissa so I just changed my name to Missy for a whole lot of years.

EISENBERG: I was given my nickname, by the way, in high school since we're just talking about things that, you know, you have nightmares about.


EISENBERG: I let my friends for two years call me Oph.


KLAGES: That's a little rough.

WILL HINES: Yeah. Way out there.

EISENBERG: I was trying to reclaim it or something like that.

HINES: Which would ironically be Oph?

EISENBERG: Yeah, I was like, yeah, I'm Oph.

HINES: Yeah.

EISENBERG: And then, yeah, I don't do that anymore. Clearly. All right. Well, this game is called What's in a Name? Another Name. Because each question consists of clues of two famous people or fictional characters and the trick is, is that one person's name is entirely inside the other person's name. It's like a name turducken.


EISENBERG: And for an example, let's go to our puzzle guru Will Hines.

HINES: Thank you, Ophira. Here's an example. So, contestants, if I said you'll find the father of our country inside the name of what famous African-American inventor the answer would be George Washington Carver. Since George Washington is within the name George Washington Carver. Right? Easy.

EISENBERG: Yeah. They're both nodding like, yeah, got it.

HINES: Yeah, got it. They're way ahead.

CONNOLLY: Moving on.

EISENBERG: Ring when you know the answer and the winner will move on to our ASK ME ANOTHER final round at the end of the show. Here we go. An iconic star of movie Westerns is inside the name of what infamous serial killer from Chicago known as the Killer Clown?



CONNOLLY: John Wayne Gacy.



EISENBERG: A girl from a Michael Jackson song could be found inside what women's Wimbledon champion from the 1960s and '70s?



CONNOLLY: Billie Jean King?



EISENBERG: I always thought that was confusing, frankly, that Billie Jean because...

CONNOLLY: I always thought they were the same person.

EISENBERG: I thought they were the same person for a little while too.


HINES: Most of "Thriller," I thought, was about Billie Jean King.


EISENBERG: One half of the 1980s pop duo Wham! is inside the name of what "Arrested Development" character? Hmm.

HINES: The "Arrested Development" character played by Michael Cera. That's the character we're referring to.

EISENBERG: That's a hint. They - no. Wham?



CONNOLLY: Is it George Michael Michael? George Michael George?


HINES: No. Would be a great name.


EISENBERG: George Michael Michael.

CONNOLLY: Or just George Michael?

EISENBERG: That's half of it, yeah.

HINES: Yeah.

EISENBERG: Or three-quarters of it, depending on how you look at it. Bluth was the last name...

CONNOLLY: Oh, the last name. I couldn't remember that.

EISENBERG: ...that we were looking for.

CONNOLLY: Oh, yeah.

EISENBERG: George Michael Bluth. I like you, Marisa. You're just like nope, nothing.

KLAGES: No, don't have it.



EISENBERG: Wham? Nope. "Arrested Development"? Didn't you hear; I'm busy.


EISENBERG: OK. Let's see how this one goes. A queen of Scotland is inside what actress who starred in "Some Kind of Wonderful," "Fried Green Tomatoes," and "Bennie and June"?



KLAGES: Mary Stuart Masterson?



EISENBERG: All right. This is your last question. A Founding Father who appears on the $100 bill is inside what character from "MASH" whose nickname is Hawkeye?



CONNOLLY: Benjamin Franklin Pierce.

EISENBERG: Exactly! Well done.


EISENBERG: Will, how did our contestants do?

HINES: Well, they both did great, Ophira.


HINES: I think that's important to note. But our winner for that round was Donna.

EISENBERG: Congratulations, Donna.


EISENBERG: We will see you again at our Ask Me One More final round at the end of the show. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.