Taking A Vowel Of Poverty

May 29, 2014
Originally published on April 16, 2015 9:14 am

In this final round, all answers are words that contain three or more of a single vowel—and only that vowel. Strap on your bikinis and muumuus, and crank up the Bananarama!

Heard in Episode 318: O'Brother, Where Art Thou Quiz Show?

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Now we're going to crown this week's grand champion. Let's bring back from Aww-Inspiring, Seth Bisen-Hersh. From Stick To Your Day Job, Rob Monaco. From Popping The Question, Benny Goldman (ph). And from Fuhgeddaboutdit, Diane Felson (ph).


EISENBERG: Our puzzle guru, Art Chung, will take us out.

ART CHUNG, BYLINE: This final round is titled Taking A Vowel of Poverty. In this game, all the answers will be words, phrases and proper nouns that have only one of the five vowels in them. All the answers will feature that single vowel three or more times but won't use any other vowels. So, for example, if I said, it's a two-piece bathing suit for women, you'd say, bikini.

We're playing this spelling bee style, so one wrong answer and you're out. You'll only have a few seconds to give me that answer, and the last person standing is our ASK ME ANOTHER grand winner. Remember, every answer will have at least three vowels all the same. And none of the answers contains a Y. Here we go. Seth. A word often used when performing a magic trick.

SETH BISEN-HERSH: Abracadabra.

CHUNG: You got it.


CHUNG: Rob, using your thumb to get a ride.

ROB MONACO: Hitchhike?

CHUNG: Can you be more specific? All the vowels have to be the same.

MONACO: Hitching?

CHUNG: I can't give it to you. I'm sorry, can you step aside. Let's see if Benny knows the answer.

BENNY GOLDMAN: Hitchhiking.

CHUNG: Hitchhiking is what we are looking for. Sorry Rob. Diane, a Hawaiian dress that is usually long, loose fitting and decorated with bright colors.


CHUNG: Well done.


CHUNG: Seth. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and almanacs are all considered this type of book.

BISEN-HERSH: Reference.

CHUNG: Correct.


CHUNG: Danny, it's an African country and the name of a 2005 DreamWorks animated feature.

GOLDMAN: Madagascar.

CHUNG: Yup, that's right.


CHUNG: Diane, a type of thick cloud that is rounded on top and has a flat base.

FELSEN: Cumulus.

CHUNG: Yup that's right.


CHUNG: Seth, another word for tricycle or what tricycle literally means.

BISEN-HERSH: Three-wheeler.

CHUNG: That's right.


CHUNG: Benny, this U.S. state shares a border with eight other states including Missouri, Alabama, and Virginia.

GOLDMAN: Mississippi.

CHUNG: No, I'm sorry, that's not the state we're looking for. Diane, do you know the answer?

FELSEN: Tennessee.

CHUNG: That's right. Thank you, Benny.


CHUNG: Benny is out. We're down to two players, Seth and Diane. Seth, an egotistical person who only thinks me, me, me, might be described as this hyphenated word.

Seth is drawing in the air.

BISEN-HERSH: Self - self esteemed? Self-esteem.

CHUNG: No, that's not the word we're looking for, I'm sorry. Diane, if you know the answer, you are our winner.

FELSEN: Self-centered.

CHUNG: You got it.


EISENBERG: Diane, you're our ASK ME ANOTHER big winner. Congratulations.


EISENBERG: And as your grand prize, you're getting a copy of the soundtrack to "Fading Gigolo" signed by John Turturro, and we're going to send you out for a night of bowling on us, hairnets not included. So congratulations.

FELSEN: Thank you very much.


EISENBERG: And thanks once again to our VIP, John Turturro.


EISENBERG: That's our show. Thanks for listening. If you would like to come to a live taping of ASK ME ANOTHER at the Bell House in Brooklyn, just go to amatickets.org. And you can be a puzzle player anytime, anyplace, by downloading our podcast from iTunes, stitcher or tune-in. ASK ME ANOTHER's puzzle guru is Art Chung.

CHUNG: Hey, my name anagrams to Narc Thug.

EISENBERG: Our musician is Jonathan Colton.

CHUNG: Thou jolt a canon.

EISENBERG: We'd like to thank our home in Brooklyn, New York The Bell House.

CHUNG: Hot hue blues.

EISENBERG: And our production partner WNYC. I'm her ripe begonias.

CHUNG: Ophira Eisenberg.


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