Supporting Lehigh Valley Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations

Dec 18, 2013

This week we are suggesting how you can support our local Lehigh Valley businesses and non-profit organizations in your holiday gifts to your loved ones and through giving donations to good causes in our community.

There are so many ways to give gifts that your family and friends will cherish while also helping the many important organizations that provide creative arts and educational experiences to children and adults.

You can find a listing of all the performing and visual arts and arts education venues and schools in the Lehigh Valley Arts Council directory and literature which is in print material and on their website at:

Here in Bethlehem, we are proud to have the Bach Choir,, the oldest Bach choir in the U.S. with a world famous reputation for extraordinary musical performance.  On the southside of Bethlehem is Godfrey Daniels’ Coffeehouse,, also a world-renowned venue for the best in contemporary and traditional folk music and one of the oldest coffeehouses in the country.

Touchstone Theatre, , also on the southside of Bethlehem, also has a long history of producing original and classic theatre performance by their own famous ensemble company and touring companies from around the world.

And let’s not forget Sing-Out Magazine, , also on the southside, the oldest and most famous of all folk music magazines in this country, if not the world.

Along with these nationally important performing arts organizations here in our community is this radio station, WDIY at 88.1 FM, the National Public Radio station of the Lehigh Valley region, which supports all these other arts organizations through coverage of their work as their media sponsor and by playing their CDs and interviewing their performers, playwrights and producers of their events.

Please remember to give memberships or tickets to their productions from these arts organizations as part of your gift-giving, as well as giving them your year-end donations.

Many other performing arts organizations also produce work year-round and have classes for children and youth in the performing arts, including Pennsylvania Youth Theatre,, and Mock Turtle Marionette Theatre, , as at Touchstone Theatre.

Many other arts organizations abound in Allentown, including the wonderful Baum School of Art,, the Allentown Public Theatre,, Selkie Theatre Company,, the Miller Symphony Hall,, and the newly expanded Allentown Art Museum,, all close together in the new Allentown Arts District and Arts Park.

In Easton, is the beautiful State Theatre, , featuring internationally renowned performers, the lovely Ahlum Gallery,, featuring important shows by local and national artists, and the exciting new shop Re:Find,, for recycled and sustainable products and local arts and crafts.

The Alliance for Sustainable Communities produces the important local directory of sustainable organizations and businesses to support, “Sustainable Lehigh Valley”.  Their website for the directory online is at:

There are many other arts, environmental, local history and social services organizations which would all appreciate your year-end donations to help their work in making the Lehigh Valley the great place it is to live in.  Support the local economy by shopping here and making your donations to local non-profit organizations.

Happy Holidays!