Shelby Lynne On Mountain Stage

Apr 3, 2013
Originally published on June 20, 2014 5:15 pm

Shelby Lynne makes her third appearance on Mountain Stage, recorded live at the West Virginia University Creative Arts Center in Morgantown. When Lynne first appeared on Mountain Stage in the summer of 1995, she had already earned a place in mainstream country, even if it was on the outskirts — she'd recorded a hit duet with George Jones and was becoming a fixture of country's growing cable-television presence.

Her sixth album, I Am Shelby Lynne, earned her a Grammy for Best New Artist. Since then, Lynne has explored Western swing sounds on her album Temptation, and paired with producer Phil Ramone to record the Dusty Springfield-inspired Just a Little Lovin'. Lynne's independent streak has only grown. She released her latest album, Revelation Road, on her own label; she appears here backed only by her own acoustic guitar.

Set List

  • "Ten Rocks"
  • "Revelation Road"
  • "I'll Hold Your Head"
  • "Jesus On A Greyhound"
  • "Leaving"
  • "Johnny Met June"
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