On the Next Galactic Travels 2013-10-03

Sep 27, 2013

On the next Galactic Travels, the month-long Special Focus on Dave Luxton begins.  The Featured CD at Midnight will be Portal on Wayfarer Records.  Music by musicians appearing at area concerts will be featured.  Tonight's program is dedicated to Killer Haven/Burning Artist(s) Sale, a.k.a. Kevin Haller who passed away suddenly on Monday.  He was a vital member of the electronic music community, a person who was warm, generous, and kind hearted.  His smile, laughter, music, and hats will be missed.

Galactic Travels Playlist #861 for Octobber 3, 2013.

Fare thee well, Kevin Haller.

On the next Galactic Travels...
Credit Bill Fox / WDS Productions