Lord Huron, Live In Concert: Newport Folk 2013

Jul 29, 2013
Originally published on June 20, 2014 3:47 pm

The L.A. band Lord Huron has figured out a way to blend the choirboy folk of a Fleet Foxes with the more roiling, polyrhythmic pursuits of a Vampire Weekend. There's fluidity and playfulness to Lord Huron's music, even as singer Ben Schneider lets his voice shimmer prettily in hooky songs like "Time to Run." As heard on the group's full-length debut, 2012's Lonesome Dreams, it's an appealing mix of surprisingly complementary sensibilities.

Hear Lord Huron perform as part of the 2013 Newport Folk Festival, recorded live on Sunday, July 28 in Newport, R.I.

Set List

  • "Ends Of The Earth"
  • "The Man Who Lives Forever"
  • "I Will Be Back One Day"
  • "Lonesome Dreams"
  • "We Went Wild"
  • "The Ghost On The Shore"
  • "She Lit A Fire"
  • "Time To Run"
  • "Brother"
  • "The Stranger"
  • "Mighty"
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