Langhorne Slim & The Law, Live In Concert: Newport Folk 2013

Jul 28, 2013
Originally published on June 20, 2014 3:38 pm

Pennsylvania native Sean Scolnick (a.k.a. Langhorne Slim) describes his own sound as "country punk," but it's not out of line to call him a sort of supercharged folksinger. He's got a big, ragged voice and a bigger personality — and little trouble grabbing a crowd's attention with raucous songs from his newest album, 2012's The Way We Move.

Hear Langhorne Slim and his band The Law perform as part of the 2013 Newport Folk Festival, recorded live on Saturday, July 27 in Newport, R.I.

Set List

  • "Bad Luck"
  • "Honey Pie"
  • "Cinderella"
  • "Fire"
  • "Salvation"
  • "Found My Heart"
  • "Someday / I Will"
  • "Song For Sid"
  • "You Are My Sunshine"
  • "Coffee Cups"
  • "Wild Soul"
  • "And If It's True"
  • "Past Lives"
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