Kenny Chesney's Steamy Summer Jam

Jul 24, 2012
Originally published on July 25, 2012 10:30 am

One of this summer's hottest songs comes from the biggest name in country right now: Kenny Chesney. "Come Over" is a track from Welcome to the Fishbowl, which debuted in June as the second-most-popular album in the U.S. across all genres — second only to Justin Bieber's Believe.

Though Welcome to the Fishbowl does deal with Chesney's life in the spotlight, as its title implies, it also holds plenty of Chesney's bread and butter: songs about love. In "Come Over," the album's single, Chesney sings about a painful breakup, but as one would expect from him, it's less sad than it is steamy.

"There's something about Kenny Chesney. He is sexy," says music journalist Danyel Smith, our guide to the charts. "Guys want to be like Kenny Chesney and girls are hoping for a wink from Kenny Chesney."

Smith says "Come Over" is a perfect example of Chesney's masculine appeal.

"I think this is when he's at his best," she says. "He's sort of asking something or explaining something but he's not preachy or gooey or anything like that. It's really just kind of dudish — kind of manly."

Chesney is filling stadiums and arenas across the country right now with Tim McGraw, in what the Los Angeles Times has dubbed the "summer hunk fest."

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This summer, we're checking in on what music is topping the charts. And today, we're hearing Kenny Chesney. His new album is called "Welcome to the Fishbowl."


KENNY CHESNEY: (Singing) You just lost your privacy. Now you're swimming around in here with me. And everybody else will know. It's all a big freak show. Welcome to the fishbowl.

INSKEEP: "Welcome to the Fishbowl" hits the downside of fame, though the album's success is not likely to bring the country star any less of it. It debuted as the second-most popular album in the United States - not just country, but all music - behind only Justin Bieber's "Believe." Another song from the new album is about a breakup, though it's less sad than steamy.


CHESNEY: (Singing) I told you I wouldn't call. I told you I wouldn't care, but baby, climbing the walls gets me nowhere. I don't think that I can take this bed getting any colder. Come over.

DANYEL SMITH: There's something about Kenny Chesney. I mean, he is sexy.

INSKEEP: That's our guide to the charts, music journalist Danyel Smith.


CHESNEY: (Singing) We don't have to miss each other, come over. We don't have to fix each other...

SMITH: Guys want to be like Kenny Chesney. I think, you know, women are hoping a wink from Kenny Chesney.


CHESNEY: (Singing) Come over. You don't have to stay forever.

SMITH: ...sort of asking (technical difficulties)...


CHESNEY: (Singing) Come over. I told you I wouldn't call.

SMITH: It's really kind of dude-ish. It's really kind of manly. And it's kind of great.

INSKEEP: Danyel Smith is talking of Kenny Chesney, who's on tour right now with Tim McGraw, selling out stadiums. Some call it the summer hunk-fest. We'll take you out on their duet called "Feel like a Rock Star."


KENNY CHESNEY AND TIM MCGRAW: (Singing) Whatever makes you feel like a rock star. Do you kick the dirt or work a Vegas stop? Do you hit the strip or roll a country mile? Do you wear 'em tight, or do you keep it loose? Do you leave it in the truck or sneak it in in your boots? Whatever makes you feel like a rock star.

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