Josh Ritter On Mountain Stage

Oct 17, 2012
Originally published on July 2, 2014 9:48 am

Singer, songwriter and author Josh Ritter had just reissued his second album, The Golden Age of Radio, when he appeared on Mountain Stage in April 2003.

After high school, Ritter left his native Idaho for Oberlin College, where he studied folk music and opened for Joan Baez. He then headed to Scotland for more folk studies before starting his music career, which was championed early on by Irish musician Glen Hansard of The Frames and The Swell Season. A prose writer as well as a songwriter, Ritter published his first novel (Bright's Passage) in 2011 — it tells the story of a West Virginia man around the time of WWI. His latest studio album is 2010's So Runs the World Away, but he also released an EP this year, titled Bringing in the Darlings.

Set List

  • "Me And Jiggs"
  • "Wings"
  • "Come And Find Me"
  • "Kathleen"
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