Hear The Pixies' First Original Song In Nine Years

Jun 28, 2013

A rousing comeback single is hard to pull off, especially when it's been nine years since you've released an original song. But from the first few seconds of Pixies singer Black Francis' half-spoken, half-shouted line in "Bagboy" — "I had a bad reaction to your public hobby writings / I get no satisfaction from your very recent sightings" — it's clear that the band's vitality is fully intact.

The video for "Bagboy," directed by Lamar + Nik, features a young boy causing mayhem and enjoying a bathtub full of Fruit Loops. The boy's angst-ridden adventure fits the delightfully sneering song, which begs for a live crowd sing-along. The single comes to us after recent news that Kim Deal has officially left the Pixies; she's not on the single, which has Jeremy Dubs on bass.

The single is available as a free download in exchange for an email address. Here's hoping for an official album announcement soon.

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