Dawes On Mountain Stage

Aug 27, 2012

The Los Angeles rock band Dawes makes its second appearance on Mountain Stage here, with songs from its latest album, Nothing Is Wrong.

Founded by brothers Taylor and Griffin Goldsmith, Dawes enjoyed a breakthrough with North Hills, which drew instant comparisons to iconic California rock acts like Buffalo Springfield, The Eagles and Jackson Browne. For Nothing Is Wrong, the band recorded on 2-inch analog tape to better capture the immediacy and authenticity of its live sound.

Dawes' set kicks off with the crashing piano fills of "If I Wanted Someone," a twist on Neil Young's "A Man Needs a Maid." But the highlight is the band's "A Little Bit of Everything," an instant anthem that Mountain Stage host Larry Groce describes as having the depth and weight of a song people will still be singing in 25 years.

This segment originally aired on December 12, 2011.

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