Candidates for the Member-Elect Representative for WDIY Board of Directors

Nov 21, 2012

Below are the three candidates for the member-elect representative for the WDIY Board of Directors. The Members' Meeting will take place on Monday, November 26 at 7pm at the station (301 Broadway, Bethlehem) where each candidate will have an opportunity to address the members, after which voting will take place.  The new member-elect representative will serve a two-year term on the WDIY Board of Directors.

Jennifer Lader

I am interested in becoming a member-elected representative on the board of directors for WDIY. Along with my husband, Gary Lader, I am a member of WDIY. Some of my favorite shows include: The Blend, NPR News, Fresh Air, Assorted Women, Your Financial Choices and On the Media. The radio is permanently tuned to WDIY in my kitchen: It's how we get most of our news. When I'm not cooking for our family of three boys, I work in journalism. My love of listening and storytelling and my commitment to radio and the spoken word make me a natural fit for WDIY.

As a writer, I love to convey people's stories in their own words. I am compiling an oral history of the Bethlehem Jewish community and am a member of the Oral History Association and the South Bethlehem Historical Society. One of my freelance columns for The Bethlehem Press was the Come on By... series, featuring interviews of small business owners in an "as told to" format. This is very much in sync with the format of radio programming.

My career in storytelling got a jump start a few years ago when George Taylor of The Press interviewed me on WDIY about my front page story on an animal blood bank. As a result of the experience, I wrote "My Guest Tonight", which later appeared in the paper as the first in my series of guest columnist spots.

As the editor of HAKOL, the newspaper of the Jewish community of the Lehigh Valley with a circulation of 3700, I have the opportunity to determine the direction and content of the newspaper and so realize how important it is to have community-minded people and to think "outside the box" as far as content. My previous experience with board membership includes being publicity chair of a religious organization for which I handled weekly press releases; and secretary of a neighborhood association, in which I am also directly responsible for organizing large numbers of volunteers at an annual Earth Day event at Westside Park. 

I can offer WDIY my enthusiasm and ideas, and my writing and organizational skills. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them on Nov 26 at the Members’ Annual Meeting prior to the election. Thank you for your consideration.

Mike Dluglosh

My name is Michael J. Dlugosh.  I have been an active and contributing member of WDIY since the stations founding. I am a native of Texas and a graduate of the University Of Texas, class of 76.  I grew up in San Antonio, TX but traveled extensively with my family as an Army “brat”.  I had the opportunity, during my Dad’s time in the Army, to live in Japan, Germany and expand my cultural experiences by living in Austin, TX, Clifton, NJ, Seattle, WA, and Wahiawa, HI.  Currently I am retired, living in Nazareth, with my wife and 3 dogs.

I studied Business, English and Music while in college.  After graduation I worked in a range of management positions including building materials distribution, commercial/retail hardware sales and various areas of insurance operations, with a specialty in insurance litigation management.

I played trombone semi-professionally and have played with many Lehigh Valley bands including the Bethlehem American Legion Band, the Nazareth Community Band and St John’s Lutheran Church Brass Choir.

I became interested in radio while in college. I was a volunteer Jazz programmer at KRTU (Trinity University in San Antonio) from 1977 - 78. When I moved to Seattle, I became a member and volunteer at KUOW (University of WA).

When I moved here in 1990, there was no NPR; I had to listen to that Station North of here for classical music and Bob Cohen.  I was very excited when WDIY came into existence.  I scrambled to become a volunteer.  I became very involved with the station and the activities the station was sponsoring.

WDIY is a vibrant station with an ever-growing member base.  I want to be even more involved in the great future I see for WDIY as the Arts and Culture Voice of the Lehigh Valley.  I would like to use my skills in business, music and project management as a member of the WDIY Board to assist in making sure that this voice continues to be heard.

Thank you for your consideration.

Mona Rodriguez

Responding to a local newspaper ad for a volunteer, I joined the station in 2006. My duties began filling in as needed and helping out with the Youth Media. I went on to briefly host the Friday morning news program before being asked to host the Assorted Women program (which I currently hosts to this day).  Throughout my time with the station I have represented WDIY at numerous community events,  including speaking as a panelists at several local conferences, operating the WDIY booth as a public relations person to inform the community about the station, and being the WDIY emcee at many of the area's annual concert events and fairs.

I have worked as a paralegal most of my life, and enjoy side jobs such as basic auto-mechanics and home improvement.  I am a published author of a poetry book titled "H.U.R.T-Hope Understanding Reaches Truth" and a record producer who's worked with Grammy winning artists and musicians. I also volunteer with local organizations and churches.

Originally from NYC, I currently reside in the Lehigh Valley. I come from a large family and have two adult children, and two grandchildren. With years of volunteer service at WDIY and having extensive ties to local artists and the community, I am an ideal candidate to serve as liaison to the members and the Board of Directors.