Camper Van Beethoven On Mountain Stage

Apr 10, 2013
Originally published on June 20, 2014 5:11 pm

Camper Van Beethoven makes its second appearance on Mountain Stage, recorded before a sold-out audience in Charleston, W.Va. Alt-rock pioneers in the truest sense, the band members first got together in 1983, led by singer-songwriter David Lowery in Redlands, Calif. The group's infectious and constantly evolving amalgam of pop, punk, ska, folk and country found an audience in the area's hardcore punk scene. They continued to earn wider acceptance and critical acclaim as the years wore on, although their music remained difficult to classify.

After a series of successful mainstream releases, the group disbanded in the early '90s, and Lowery went on to form Cracker. But the demand for Camper Van Beethoven's music never went away. The group has often reunited over the years, and released New Roman Times in 2004. The new La Costa Perdida explores CVB's inescapable California roots.

Set List

  • "Too High For The Love-In"
  • "North California Girls"
  • "Summer Days"
  • "Come Down The Coast"
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