Bethlehem Farmers' Market

Jun 19, 2013

Fresh produce, baked goods, and a locally grown good time.  The Bethlehem Farmers' Market at Campus Square is now open.  Located on Lehigh University at the crossroads of New and Morton Streets, the farmers' market will be open each Thursday from 11am to 3pm. 

Live musical performances will be featured every other Thursday.  Past favorites like Billy Bauer and Dave Fry will join new additions to the line up like Mike Halliday, Karen and Amy Jones, and “Not for Coltrane.”

Fourteen vendors will be featured this summer at the Bethlehem Farmers' Market.  Produce vendors include: Bechdolt’s Orchards, Lettuce Alone, and Heritage Farm/CSA.  Other vendors this season comprise Hellertown Deli and Pita, Tomblers Home Bakery, The Island Taste, M&B Farmview farm, and Wrap’d Tight.  You can find an assortment of lunch options as well as take home goodies ranging from packaged meats to eggs, poultry, and milk. 

The farmers' market also caters to those with a sweet tooth.  Vendors like Back Door Bakeshop, Sweet Love Cupcakes, The Popcorn Pit, Tasty Pastry, and Quetzal Bakery will be making appearances.  Other specialty items, not intended for consumption, will be available as well from A Natural Alternative.

When asked to finish the sentence of why the Bethlehem Farmers' Market at Campus Square is great for the community, representatives from Heritage Farm and Tasty Pastry replied, "there are a lot of great vendors that showcase the gem of the Lehigh Valley - this is the heart of downtown SouthSide... [having it at Campus Square is a great opportunity] to mix higher education with community."

Come on out to the Bethlehem Farmers' Market to support your neighborhood vendors, snack on some tasty products, learn about the valley’s unique food, and have some fun in the sun! The market season will run through October 31.  Applications for vendors are available on Campus Square’s website.  For more information, please visit or