Jan 30, 2014
Originally published on August 7, 2014 10:11 am

From morning until night, Ask Me Another contestants are always working on their puzzling skills. In this final round, puzzle guru Art Chung asks our contestants to come up with two-word phrases or proper nouns that have either the initials AM or PM. It's Positively Mesmerizing!

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Now we're going to crown this week's grand champion. Let's bring back from Hi-Ho Elemental Away, Juliet Green.


EISENBERG: From "Double Feature," Anthony Liberatoscioli.


EISENBERG: From Bad to the Feature, Tim Rank.


EISENBERG: And from Russian Dolls, Allyson Rudolph.


EISENBERG: Our puzzle guru, Art Chung, is going to take it out.

ART CHUNG: This final round is called AM PM. And the premise is simple, every answer it's going to be a two- word phrase or a proper noun that has either the initials AM or PM. For instance, the classic arcade video game character that makes the sound waka, waka, wak would be Pac-Man. We're going to play this spelling bee style, so one wrong answer and you're out. You only have a few seconds to give me an answer. The last person standing is our ASK ME ANOTHER grand winner.

Remember, every answer will have the initials, AM or PM Juliet, before voicemail, this device recorded messages left on your telephone.

JULIET GREEN: Answering machine.

CHUNG: That's right.

Anthony, in the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill, Tony Blair and David Cameron have all held this government position.


CHUNG: Yes, Prime Minister. Tim, it's the Latin term for the college you graduated from.

TIM RANT: Alma mater.

CHUNG: Alma mater is right. Thank you. Allyson. Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockleshells and what, all in a row?

ALLYSON RUDOLPH: Something maids.

CHUNG: Your answer, you don't have it?

RUDOLPH: Pretty maids.

CHUNG: Pretty maids. You got it.


CHUNG: Nice pull.


CHUNG: Juliet, this Fox TV show starring Calista Flockhart won the Emmy for outstanding comedy series in 1999.

GREEN: "Ally McBeal."

CHUNG: That's right. Anthony, this dessert consists of raspberry sauce, vanilla ice cream combined with a fuzzy fruit. Thirty seconds.

LIBERATOSCIOLI: Pie mistake. I have no idea.


CHUNG: Pie mistake is surprisingly not correct. Could you step aside?


CHUNG: Let's see if Tim knows the answer. Tim, this dessert consists of raspberry sauce, vanilla ice cream combined with a fuzzy fruit.

RANT: Parfait. Something. I don't know.

CHUNG: Parfait.Something. No I'm sorry. Allyson?

RUDOLPH: I can't do better than pie mistake.


RUDOLPH: I - yeah. No clue.

CHUNG: Ok. Let's see. If Juliet, if you know the answer, you are our grand winner.

GREEN: Peach Melba?

CHUNG: That's correct.


EISENBERG: Well done, Juliet. You're ASK ME ANOTHER big winner.


EISENBERG: So lucky you, you'll receive our brand-new fresh off the press ASK ME ANOTHER T-shirt featuring some of our favorite anagrams. Plus our puzzle guru Art Chung, is going to personally anagram your name suitable for framing in your home or office. Art Chung, what is her anagram?

CHUNG: Juliet, your anagram is: leering jute.

EISENBERG: Leering jute. That is so beautiful. Congratulations, Juliet.



EISENBERG: And that's our show. Thank you so much for listening. If you would like to be a contestant on our show, find us on Facebook or Twitter. Just look around for NPR ASK ME ANOTHER. And you can be a puzzle player any time, any place by downloading our podcast from iTunes, Stitcher, or TuneIn. ASK ME ANOTHER's puzzle guru is Art Chung.

CHUNG: Hey, my name monograms to narkthug.

EISENBERG: Our house musician is Jonathan Coulton.

JONATHAN COULTON: Thou jolt a cannon.

EISENBERG: I'm Ophira Eisenberg and this was ASK ME ANOTHER from NPR.

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