Charles Castano

Program Host

Charles (Dr. Chas) has been a listener of public radio for more years than he cares to acknowledge! He's come to rely on NPR as his source of information, and programs like All Things Considered, Car Talk and others for education and entertainment.

When the opportunity presented itself to volunteer at WDIY, he jumped on it! Getting to know the DIY family and becoming an active member has been and continues to be a privilege and a pleasure for him.

He hosts two programs: Blue Moon Saturday along with Candy Girl, and Milestones, Monday evenings.

Charles love the “non-structure” format. When he comes into the station, he's "like a kid in a candy store!  As long as I stay within the program genre, I can play anything I like; and there’s plenty to choose from."

On Milestones, he plays a plethora of music from Latin Jazz, to new releases, local artists to core jazz. Whatever mood he's in, he can find something great to put on the air.

On Blue Moon Saturday, he and Candy Girl take our audience back to the late 50’s and early 60’s with classic DooWop, R&B, early Rock and a lot of fun!

Tune in Saturdays at 5PM or Mondays at 9PM for great music with your host Dr. Chas.