Carlos Benjamin

Host, The Blend

Carlos Benjamin takes you on many musical journeys each Friday afternoon on The Blend, featuring live interviews with musicians and a segment called The Rockabilly Roundup at 3:00, featuring surf and rockabilly of yesteryear and today.  He explores new music for 3 hours, including music by several artists performing in the area, and the Culture Calendar insert at 3:30.

Carlos has been doing mixed bag radio programming for 30 years and has produced an annual “Best 47 of the Year” feature program for 15 years.  He’s frequently seen at local clubs, festivals, and concerts enjoying live music.  With radio in his blood, he served over 20 years on WDIY’s licensee’s Board of Directors.

11:15 am
Thu August 29, 2013

Philly Folk Fest

Spirit Family Reunion / Camp Stage

The 52nd Philadelphia Folk Festival kicked off on Thursday night and ran through Sunday evening.  Perhaps because of superstition and a desire for nice weather, the sign for main stage noted "2012 + 1."  With the exception of a brief light rain Sunday afternoon, the August days were remarkable with highs in the low 80's and cool nights complemented by warm campfires in the campground.

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11:14 am
Tue July 30, 2013

Photos: The Third Annual PA Blues Festival

Johnny Rawls steppin’ out – he ain’t playin’ no ‘Mustang Sally’. Dave Keller (back left) on rhythm guitar.

The PA Blues Festival began its third year at Blue Mountain Ski resort on Friday night with a Lehigh Valley PA Blues Showcase featuring a line-up of local favorites presented by WDIY.  The festival featured national acts Saturday and Sunday at an outdoor stage and under cover in the tent stage.  The tent provided shelter from the hot sun on Saturday.  With some early morning rain and an 80% chance of rain, Sunday appeared to be a washout, but the gospel start on Sunday by Alexis P.

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